Free Art by Corvaena ~

All of these images have been available on my Instagram for quite some time, but I thought I’d share here as many authors don’t follow me there :slight_smile:

Terms: These can be edited, colored, etc to suit your needs. Credit appreciated but not required, and please if asked don’t tell people you drew it from scratch. :wink:

If you do use them or even just color them, I’d love to see! :slight_smile:


wanna join a art group and sure

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Vaena can you make for me a cover for my new story ?

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Hey sorry, I barely have time to finish my current projects, so I can’t :frowning: I am very honored you wished me to, though.

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I can’t take requests, as I have actually had some other authors pay for commissioned covers… and I don’t even have time for open commissions right now. I am so sorry and I hope you understand. <3 If you would like to use one of the above images for a cover, though, you are welcome to color them in and do so!

Can i use them for an art scene on my story? Ill be sure to give credit for the outlines!

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I’ll be using the last one since they have me an story idea :heart_eyes:

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Along with the first and second!

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Oh no! I don’t know how I missed this. Yes, you can use any of these. The only real terms I have is please don’t say you drew them if asked. :slight_smile:

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I am so glad people are finding them useful :smiley:

Heyyy can I get like more examples of your art Becauzz I want a art scene

Isnt it not ooking for members

My Instagram is @corvaena, but it is going through a revamp so not much there until I finish Telvoikai.

I’ve basically put everything else on hold until I finish the story. :slight_smile: