Free art covers and backgrounds 💕

Lol so I’m offering free art covers and backgrounds for a lil’ while, I’m only new to the whole cover art thing but I’ve been practicing, plus, I need to stop stressing about school so i thought it’d by doing some drawing to get my mind off things. :grin:

Here are some examples of my covers and stuff lol:
(These are all for a story I’m in the process of writing so please don’t take them :cry::sob:)

Right now, I’m only going to be accepting the first 5 requests I get, as I am a bit busy right now (I do still have school work and stuff), and I can’t promise I’ll get them done straight away. I’ll try to accept most requests but I won’t accept any requests from people being rude or anything (so keep in mind I don’t have to do your request if I choose not to).

Hope this helps some of you broke people out :blush:, don’t worry, I get you.
Thanks, Lilly x
(PS, I’m only doing backgrounds with characters like this, for warnings, music and volume etc. so please don’t request any overlays or backgrounds with like settings and stuff, ty <3)


Omg, your art is so cute! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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ahah tysm x
i’m only just starting out so i’m yet to improve on a lot of things :cowboy_hat_face::grin:

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So am I!
It’s really cool to look back and see how much you improve by time.
I started drawing 4 months ago, and can already see a change :smiley:

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I’m at a loss of words!!
Will you Pleeeeaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: make a large cover for my story?
It’s called “A gang machine” and isn’t out yet. I want 2 characters. The MC
Her looks :
Face shape : Oval
Lips : Full round - Toffe
Nose : Elven
Skin color : Tan
Eyes : Upturned feline - Blue
Hair : Rebel half shaved - Purple
Eyebrows - seducive arch

and a man that… yeah…
His looks
Skin color: Light
eyebrows: Brushy wide
Hair : Euro style hair - fawn
Eyes : Classic roud - taupe
face shape : Chiseled oval
Nose - Button
Lips : Uneven - terracotta

So, I want the female on the left side running away from the man,
The men on the right side laughing and holding a whip
And in the middle writing “My purple.”

And this for the background


Thank you so much I hope you can do it!
If you won’t do it, that’s fine~!

Thank you so much!!

Do you do Limelight covers?

hey, are you still accepting requests?

Hi! :revolving_hearts:
I know I’m a year late but are you still taking requests? :heartpulse:
And btw your art is the cutest! :kissing_heart: