Free art covers and splashes! (**CLOSED**) GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER THREAD THO! XOXOXO&TEE


Thank you!!
I’m not able to click on them though.

copy paste them onto your desktop

Just like the splash. I’m not able to do that. When uploaded to backgrounds it says it’s too small.

For the small cover art and big cover art you don’t upload to backgrounds.
You press that little pencil icon and upload

Ok. Thank you.

It ayt.:heart:


Oh my god that is amazing thank you so much

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Your welcome::heart:

Yea u don’t have to do it any more but I might need a another one that says mature themes but I wanted all the characters on it tho

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Sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean make you upset I’m sorry

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im really so sorry is you were going to do this.
I dindnt wanna intrude::disappointed_relieved:

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Hi I really need a cover done and a thank You for reading cover aswell

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My Female details:
Hair: Straight (Charcoal)
Skin tone: Honey
Brow: Seductive Arch
Eyes: Round Bold (Purple)
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Full round (Ruby Red)

Brow: Thin Arch
Face: Defined Triangle
Lips: Small Round (Blush)
Hair: Short Cropped (Platinum Blonde)
Skin: Peach :peach:

I want my cover being these to Charectars standing and hugging each other with the Title Smash and Dash I thought it would be easier if you could pick the outfits I don’t actually mind what the Charectar are wearing for the “Thanks for reading” cover I don’t have any Suggestions and Ideas as I don’t mind what it’s like as long as it says “thanks for reading” if you need more information please tell me :blush:

Well XOXO commentee on my post she would do it so her I think But I srsly don’t mind this is for INK by the way

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I would LOVE for you to my Covers!!

So for the cover you want the male to be hugging the female?