.*+free art covers+* (CLOSED) My art style does not get approved!

I make free art covers just for fun!! If you need a cover for your story, just message me and tell me the …

skin tone:
hair color:
eye color:
body type:
brow color:
face shape:
nose shape:
lip shape:

and a picture of your characters just so I can get an idea of what they look like. Please also tell me a summary of your story so I can get an idea of what kind of style you are looking for.

here are my personal favorites:

If you choose,e to make your cover thanks!! And if you don’t, that’s okay :frowning: Be sure to add me on episode: Madison <3 and read my story “What now?” coming soon!! okay byeee!


well i need one…
for my upcoming romance story…
i’ll send u my both mc and LI’s info.


skin tone: rose 03
hairstyle: short wavy ombre
hair color: medium warm brown
eyes: deepest upturned wide
eye color: brown black
body type: athlete
brows: arched natural scar
brow color: jet black
face shape: diamond defined contour
nose shape: pointed downturned
lip shape: full heart pouty
gender: female


skin tone: rose 04
hairstyle: messy undercut
hair color: medium brown
eyes: narrow almond deep smiling
eye color: blue green
body type: athletic
brows: straight medium scar
brow color: jet black
face shape: square jaw roundcheek subtle
nose shape: straight pointed
lip shape: medium heart
gender: male

okay! sounds good! could you add a picture of your characters and also tell me the title of your story? thanks!

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Okay! I can start on it now. Please tell me the title when you get a chance and it should be done soon!

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Your cover and card is almost complete! All i need to know is your title and i can send them to you!

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Blissfully Mine…

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And thank you so so much…

you’re welcome! It should be done by tomorrow. It’s too late for me to draw now so I will add finishing touches and send it to you!!

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that’s no problem and send it to me on instagram this is my ID. @rashicreates

i don’t have insta…

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Well then discord me or send it here only…
(rashicreates.epi#7195) if you have…
Or send it here only. .

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i have discord! ill send it to you there if i find your account!

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I added you on discord!

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If you can, I could use an art cover for my new story “Until I Met You”. :blush:


skin tone: neutral 03
hairstyle: wavy blowout
hair color: chestnut brown
eyes: Generic
eye color: Blue Green
body type: athletic
brows: Arched Natural
brow color: chestnut Brown
face shape: diamond defined contour
nose shape: Upturned
lip shape: Full Round
gender: Female


skin tone: Neutral 03
hairstyle: taper wavy
hair color: black dark
eyes: Deepest Downturned Lidded
eye color: grey
body type: athletic
brows: generic
brow color: Black Dark
face shape: Chiseled Angular
nose shape: straight narrow
lip shape: medium straight natural
gender: male

Sure! I’ll start on it asap just need to take care of a few things! Could you also send me a image of your characters and a small summary of your story? Thanks! And it should be done very soon!

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Christelle Anais. Unlike her friends, she wasn’t looking for love, she just wanted to finish Senior year with no drama and peace.

That is until she bumped into Damon Scott. who happens to be a well known dancer/singer who is every girl’s dream guy in town.

Okay thanks!! I’ll start on it asap!!

Hey just letting you know it may take me a bit longer to finish your cover. I have a lot of side projects to complete and other important things so thanks for being patient!