Free art covers 💕 {CLOSED}

Hello everyone! I’ve been super bored lately and want to improve on my art work… So i’ll be doing free art covers!!! Just send me all the basics like reference poses, your title, and etc. I’d prefer to choose the pose myself because it will turn out a lot better but if you’re set on a specific one, i’ll do my very best! ONLY TAKING REQUESTS ON INSTAGRAM!

To make it easier feel free to DM me on instagram: @mezmerizing.epi

         💞 GIVE CREDIT 💞

Here is some of my work so you can get a good idea <33

Hope you all have a great day and go check out “I’ll tolerate you”! (1-3 out now!) :sunglasses:


Incredible examples!

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awe ty💕

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p.s. your art is very pretty :blob_hearts:

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ahhh tyyy sm :tired_face::two_hearts:

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np :revolving_hearts: :smile:

Ooo looks good do u by chance do any splash’s ?

Yep i can do those too!

Here are some of mine:

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I meant like a drawing of a char that I can use it as a / in a splash yk . Or like a pfp for a different platform ?

Send a example rq! I believe I can do so lol

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Alright I’ll try finding one and I’ll pm

Your art is so gorgeous! :two_hearts:

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Ty sm love :heartpulse:

Bump :deaf_woman:t4:

hey! so im making a story and I really like your work I have this picture that I want for my cover but like I want to make it better lol, so I figured id ask for help. if you want I could attach what i have for a vision so far. it dosent have to be exactly like that but I would like to keep it along the lines of racing I’m not sure if you do that but yeah!