Free art covers/ edits

Does anyone need a cover? I might can help.

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Yes I need one! Do you do drawn?

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Like this

I didn’t finish this yet

Pls do it for me! LL, drawn


Bodycolor: Neutral 03
Brow: Arched Natural, Color: Deep Brown
Hair: Messy Sock Bun, Color: Deep Brown
Face: Diamond
Eyes: Generic, Color: Dark brown
Lips: Full Round Flat top skin, Color: Rose Gloss
Nose: Defined Natural

Bodycolor: Neutral 04
Brow: Straight Medium, Color: Jet black
Hair: Messy undercut, Color: Jet black
Face: Chiseled Angular
Eyes: Generic, Color: Blue green
Lips: Medium Heart, Color: Beige gold matte
Nose: Grecian narrow



Character 1:
Flirt Wink happy
Character 2:

  • Title: Fame and Glory
  • The headline is called “Fame and Glory”. FAME should be in capital letters. “And” should be in small letters. “Glory” should be handwriting. (You can decide the colors.)
    Author? Samantha79

Can you choose me a background?

Okay. When do you need it by?

Take the time you need. :blush:

Okay thank you do you have insta?

That should be large cover pls

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No. :sweat_smile:

Oh okay well I’ll post the cover on here when I’m finish.

Thanks or you can PM.

I have one question though, can you give me a brief summary of the story?

So I can see what type of vibe the cover will be.

Romane/drama story


The female MC is known by a scandal as she has fought in public with her very famous brother. At any rate, she is attacked by her Li on a premiere but he lets her go. This is just the beginning because later it will be found out who this Li is and why her father is dead.

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Okay thanks I’m going to try to have it ready in 2-3 days hopefully. If it takes longer please forgive me.

Don’t worry. :grin:

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Hey can I ask did you started? And send me maybe a picture?

If you can please do me some covers for LL I will appreciate it.