Free Art Giveaway with Multiple prizes! (OPEN)

Hello Everyone. I hope everyone is having a great day. This Giveaway is originally hosted on Instagram but due to Instagram Algorithm being terrible and limiting post reaches so we decided to leave an advert of our giveaway here.

We’ll be really grateful if you enter.

There will be 2 winners both receiving multiple prizes. Participation via commenting!

Giveaway Original Post for participation:

Good Luck to all participants


I’d love to enter :butterfly:!! do i comment on instagram or is here okay?


No! All entries via comments should be on Instagram. This is just an advert to let more people know of this giveaway

So we just comment if we would like to enter?

Yes Comment on the original post, tag minimum 4 friends in your comment and reshare the original post in your IG story

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Ok will do :grin:

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I’m entering! :grin:

Even though there’s no point, I’ve literally never won anything, not even exaggerating :sweat_smile: :sob:

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Yes! Don’t forget to comment on the IG post to enter the giveaway. The winners will be chosen randomly so it’s all a honest luck game.

@Sydney_H please close this

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