Free art giveaway!


Free Episode art
I will be doing a giveaway where I will make a free episode related art for any one of all of those who enter! It can be episode cover art, art scene, or any kind of character-including art related to episode.
It’s an Instagram giveaway so go to my Instagram profile post for the details of how to win—>

• No backgrounds. Only character-including scenes or cover arts.
• Just one entry per person on Instagram.
• I will be DMing the winner who will be picked at random by 23rd June, 2018.
• No inappropriate scenes to be expected by me to make.
• The character picture/s must be DM-ed to me by the winner.
• The art must contain not more than 3 characters in appropriate dressings.

Here are some of the arts/portraits I have made.

Good luck to those who enter!


@ChayChay look!


I love your art! I’ve entered!! :heart:


wait do we enter art??


No, just repost the picture on the post on Instagram. :slight_smile:


You can repost any of my posts on Instagram. Thanks if you consider entering :blush:


So we can’t enter if we don’t have instagram?


No I 'm sorry😢 I will soon launch a giveaway for the forums as soon as I get the hang of how to pick out contest entries from the forums.


Okay :slightly_smiling_face: