Free Art Lottery! *Open*

In a bit of an art block so I’m hosting a little lottery of sorts!
Send me some of your characters with outfits (I can do several in one piece) and I’ll draw them in the style in the picture below! (poses are premade)
After I complete your request, you can ask for some things to be tweaked but this isn’t meant to be an official art shop

(^^drawings will be digital :D)

completed requests!


Can i send mine on instaa.?

sure thing! my account’s @/aki.epi

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How many characters can I send? And do you have Instagram? I’d rather send the details there.

I can do up to 7 in one drawing but you can request as many drawings as you’d like!! (my insta is @/aki.epi)

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I’ll send a follow, but I’ll send a message of the details tomorrow😄

By any chance do you have examples of the art?

nothing recent in this style besides the picture :'/
I should be done with ryder’s by the morning though

That’s fine

I really like your characters so I decided to draw her in a couple other positions!


Ouu it’s super cute! Thank you :smiling_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m glad you like it, it was very relaxing to draw her :grin:

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Hi, I saw your thread and really love your artwork, honestly! I really want to send a request Are there any slots left?

thank you! <3
and yes, I’m still taking requests!!

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Hi i wanted to know an update on mine ?

almost done sorry, I just need to finish coloring it!

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no rush just wanted to know

Hello I saw you are an ongoing writer can you please email me?

I would have emailed you but couldn’t find your email.

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Just asking why would you like me to email you?

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