Free Art Request Thread ***CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE***

Wait… I’m sorry again. But this is whenever you ready to do it… is there any possible way you can do it all together like the inside of the airplane with the seat yet with the window overlay like that? I don’t know if that make sense or if you understand what I’m asking for. If is not making sense, let me know. But that’s only if you would like to do it because that’s something I want all together. Just only the inside airplane with the chair and window…

I’m trying to remember if I asked for the background or the cover…I have you and someone else helping me also with one or the other…

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I believe it was the bedroom.
Because I am wanting it in black and grey and race cars or sports cars photos in place of whats there, Hes in his 20s in my story.

Actually never mind. I look at someone else story and I thought it was different from what I asked but you done everything and exactly what I asked for on how I wanted. So thanks!

Do you re-edit or change color of backgrounds?

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You’re welcome. I tagged you in the original post also.:blue_heart::blue_heart:

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When you finished with everyone requests and if your less busy or whenever you’re ready to do it. Is it possible if you can make changes of Episode kitchen background?

If so, here are the details…

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I just need it sometime by no later than like wednesday if at all possible
Trying to get my next chapter published

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Arms crossed and primp somthing like that

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Can you make it a little more magical you now with magical spirals and the two candles in front of the mirror can you put on them fire if you now what i mean

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Nope, love it but it’s not working. It’s not png. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thankss

Not yet but im gonna need it in 3 or 4 days

Hi, i need some suv car overlays?

I don’t need mine until October early November xx

Any colours

As soon as you can

Do you have any side view ones?

i need the backround by tomorrow or the day after that

Hey, just asking when will you complete my request? Because I need it ASAP!
If it’ll take time then I can wait.:slight_smile:

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thats very beatiful mouth open face

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Hi, the motorcycle red overlay was not approved. I was just wondering if you are still doing the black motorcycle? I still need it.