Free Art Request Thread ***CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE***

Awesome work! Are you currently active and creating? :blush:

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Hi i need this background as night time but with lights on ?


Are you almost done with my background?

I would like to request an overlay!
What the overlay is : (picture below)

Colors to use: I’m not sure.
Colors to avoid: Any part of the background? :sweat:
Background (transparent or colored): transparent
Anything else: No thank you!

yes, i need it! i really need it for my story asap and im sorry if this rushes you but im trying to finish my story soon!

ok! so sorry if im rushing you :frowning:

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Thank you so much!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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do you have instagram ?

I really love your backgrounds so I’d like too request one if possible!

Background 1 Details

So this one will be simple since I only need a little things edited
The background I want to use:
Size: 1280x1136
What to add: Basically some blue hightec lines
If im not understandable, Id like this to be added around the room:
I also want a logo on the middle of the room so basically like this:

But instead of that name it should be Walles’

A quick sketch to understand ahow I want it to look like:

Black lines ~ Where the modern lines and stuff would go
Blue circle ~ Where the logo would go

Can you also make it both with open lights and another the same kind but instead of with lights it should be dark or lights off!

Background 2 Details

For this one it will also be simple so basically this background:

Add: Some Virtual Reality Chairs and VR goggles along with kind of a station at the back so I want a desk and chair at the back on another room with glass pane windows!

Id appreciate if you can do this! Tysm in advance :two_hearts:

I apologize if im really terrible at explaining things, But to be clear, can I have that background with VR chairs and Goggles?

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Hi, could you make me an overlay of a red solo cup, the one that is an episode prop?

  • Colors to use: red
  • Colors to avoid: anything other than red
  • Background (transparent or colored): Transparent

Also could you make me an overlay of a single yellow or pink tulip (whichever is easier) and then a bouquet of either the yellow or pink tulips (like a bouquet of the same color of the single tulip) ?

  • Colors to use: pink or yellow
  • Colors to avoid: red and orange
  • Background (transparent or colored): Transparent

Thank you! :blush:

These are perfect! Thank you!


You were recommended to me!

So here is what I need:

An open door of this room and closed door of this room.

Also, I need a BG of a bed please (just typical white bed). Like the bird’s eyes views you see in some stories :heart:

Thank you in advance :smiley:

Background 1:
  • Picture of background:
  • Add: A Calendar To Replace The Picture Above The Bed
  • Remove: The Big Picture Of The Girl Above The Bed
  • What needs to be changed: The Room Colors (To Green , Orange Or Purple)
  • Anything else: I’d Like The Carpet To Be A Solid Color. I’d Also Like A Night Version To Go With It Please :slight_smile: .
Background 2
  • Picture of background:
  • Add: Job Posters On The Bulletin Board
  • Remove: The Room In The Doorway
  • What needs to be changed: The Wall Color To A More Neutral Color Or White.
  • Anything else: I’d Like A Version With The Door Closed.

~Thank You In Advance And I Actually Made These Requests Smaller Than They Were :grinning: .

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  • Author’s name: Ladyb
  • Include author’s name in cover yes/no: yes
  • Title of story: My love
  • Include title in cover yes/no: yes
  • Subtitle: N/A
  • Short summary: N/A
  • Genre: Drama
  • Style: INK
  • Social media tag: ladyb.episode
  • Include social media tag yes/no: no
  • Picture of each character doing preferred pose: MORE BELOW
  • Character structure and colors:
    Body: Olive
    Brow: Defined natural, black
    Hair: Straight, chestnut
    Eyes: Upturned feline, green
    Face: soft heart
    Nose: soft natrual
    Lips: classic, scarlet
    Body: Tan
    Brow: Thin arch, black
    Hair: Spiked Up Hair, black
    Eyes: Deepset Piercing, blue
    Face: Defined Triangle
    Nose: Button
    Lips: Small Round, toffee
  • Character outfit:
    Top: Black Deep V Dress Short
    Shoe: Black Holiday Sequin Heels
    Top: Black Beach Boy Linen Shirt
    Bottom: Black Tight Pants
    Shoes: Construction Worker Boots
    Accessories: Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)
  • Preferred animation(s) of character(s): If you can do the one where their foreheads are touching then no animation. If you do the both looking at front then austin is smirking and rachel has no animation
  • Preferred composition of character(s): Rachel and Austin close to eachother, rachels hand is on austins chest. Both looking down at each other, forehead touching (if not possible) both looking at front and rachels hand is still on austins chest
  • Colors to use: white, black Grey, dark blue
  • Colors to avoid: Pink, blue, purple
  • Specific overlays: gun on austins hand, lion tattoo on austins neck
  • Specific background for cover: dark mafia ally
  • Any textures: N/A
  • Type of cover: normal
  • Anything else: N/A

I need it as soon as possible, but take your time and thank you so much

I need a watermark for my art please!
Says: Episode.penny
Specific overlays: None
Author’s name: Episode.penny
Include author’s name yes/no:
Social media tag: rosegoldring.episode
Include social media tag yes/no: no
Colors to use: any
Colors to avoid: any
Background: transpartent
Anything else: nothing.
I need 5 chapter splashes for chapters 1-5
Says: To whom it may concern…
Chapter 1 - 5
Author’s name: Episode.Penny
Include author’s name yes/no: yes
Social media tag:
Include social media tag yes/no: no
Any characters: no
Picture of the character(s) and what they’re wearing and what style:
Specific animation(s) for character(s):
Colors to use: Black
Colors to avoid:
Specific background:

Specific overlays: pen_PNG7435
Anything else:

You save the photo, and then on the bar above where you type there’s a photo and if you click it you can upload.

so i saved a picture then i click the link that is on the search bar or do u click view saved OR is there not supposed to be a link?

First you right click on the mouse and select “Save Image As”.
Then, go to forums. On the same bar where you find emojis, the italic tool, the bold tool, there is a little photo. It is 3 cliparts left of the emoji tool. Then select the image you saved and upload.

when i try to do that it will just take me to their website