Free Art Request Thread ***CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE***

As soon as you can

Do you have any side view ones?

i need the backround by tomorrow or the day after that

Hey, just asking when will you complete my request? Because I need it ASAP!
If it’ll take time then I can wait.:slight_smile:

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thats very beatiful mouth open face

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Hi, the motorcycle red overlay was not approved. I was just wondering if you are still doing the black motorcycle? I still need it.

i need purple lipstick on her lips.
then black hair with purple
nose looks like upturned
and eyebrows a little darker
and the whole picture the right side if you can do that

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Thank you, I’ll wait.

can you make green ,pink,purple and blue magic spirals everywere but not in front of the mirror

I’ll humbly wait for your reply!

As soon as possible

and the other backround what i asked you
the mirror

by the end of this month if possible

Hey abygail?! Could I have something like that? Here are my details.
person sending message to: ANNETTE
Time : 12:13
Percent charge: 78%
WHITE BUBBLE: Where r u??
WHITE BUBBLE : You have 2 be quick! Or we can’t qualify!
GREEN BUBBLE: I know. I’ll be there.
GREEN BUBBLE: Just had a little bump in the road.
GREEN BUBBLE: I’ll be there 5 mins tops.
Thanks Abygail!
Remember I need the background separate and the texts to be png. The text messages also need to be separate.
Tysm! xxx

Yes please. ASAP meaning before Tuesday.

Or, If you aren’t busy, today. I’m travelling alot tommorow so If I can get back into writing on monday straightaway that’ll be lovely. Tell me when you can, k? :grin::heart_eyes:

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  • Picture of background:

  • What needs to be changed? (ex: wall color, floor pattern, ect): i just need this background but daytime instead of night. episode for some reason doesnt have these

thanks boo!

Hey abygail! Are you close to finishing mine? Have you gotten to it yet? I really need it ASAP

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Ok thanks, bro! :grin: