Free Art Request Thread ***CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE***


You’ve finished my overlays but my background is still pending. :slight_smile:


I would like an art done for a special art scene asap please.
Also, you can make the characters wear whatever as it will be a art scene of a flashback memory.
Thanks in advance. You can put your IG name or episode name in the corner of the photo please so I can rememeber who did the art.
I would like the art scene to be with the background of being at a park with the family of three really happy. This will be a flashback art Scene in my story. Needed ASAP please and thanks in advance.
Photos attached below
Sante (the pregnant character)
Hairstyle: Diva Curls
Skin Color: Umber
Lips: Blossom Lips
Lip color: Bordeaux
Hair color: Fawn
Brows: Seductive Arch
Eye: Sloping Classic
Eye color: Blue
Nose: Grecian
Face: Oval

Thanks so much.


Heyy, I need a background for the intro, could you make one…

The name of the story is: Saved love
I leave you completely free because I do not have any requirements. The mc do not necessarily have to, but if you want to make one with them on it I will send it through. The story is in limelight.


give me some backround to my story cover the name is Vampire Cassie
im gonna send you the mc and im gonna give you free hand


and i wanna “Rain” Text


Send me the characters you want on them :smile: what picture do you want for the background?


the background must be a photo shoot if possible. do you also need all the information from the charachters?



Thank you


Do you need it ASAP?


Yes, if it doesn’t bother you


I don’t see my name


Thank you for letting me know!


Hello, I was wondering how the splashes were going. Is everything going okay? Do you need me to give you any specific details?

No rush, simply curious! :smile:


I’m not at yours yet- let me know when you need it by


Oh okay!

I am almost done with the second episode and I do need to get them approved and move on to the third episode.

If you can, (I completely understand if you can’t) is it possible to have them done by Friday? I appreciate this!


Hey @abygail.bauman

As much as I truly love and enjoy your work, I have asked for a couple things to be done sooner than the rest due to me trying to write them in. I’ve had to put my story on hold because of it. I appreciate what you have done but it’s going on 3 weeks now. I understand you are busy but I think it’s time I found someone else. Thank you for the splashes. :grin:


Here dear:


Thank you so much! These are absolutely beautiful!