Free Art requests<3

Hello everyone! I have made one of these art threads before but i wasn’t inspired to do art work at that time anymore, but now i would like to do some art for you guys!
I have done artworks before, and written my own stories (which aren’t currently available to read)
I can do Story covers, overlays, text overlays, character cards, splashes, etc. (Big things like story covers might take 1-2 weeks and small things like overlays might be back to you that same day you requested it!)
So if you guys have any requests i’ll be happy to help!

Story covers (3 examples)

Character cards (1 example)

Overlays (5 examples)


og kiddie car

Mood boards (2 examples)

PFP (1 example)

follow my instagram! @lolawritess_


You should put some examples up so people can see your art work.

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oh yes thank you i’ll will find some of my examples now

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Your welcome

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