Free Art Requests (Covers and Splashes) -CURRENTLY CLOSED-


I’ll send them on PM


Here is your request.
I hope that it’d along the lines of what you wanted.
If not please let me know and I could change it. :blush:


thank you so much it’s perfect


I’m glad to hear that :grin:


:hugs:ok take your time what where your questions :+1:


I want her to be wearing a red crop top with a leather jacket,
p.s i only ask for her stomach and up to be showing

please and thank you


Okay thanks


By what day do you think you will finish , with the cover (Not trying to rush you just asking a question )


Umm, maybe two weeks as I’m behind on requests


oh okay , thanks


Is that okay?


Here is your cover request!
I hope you like it and it’s what you wanted :blush:
If not please say so I can try and change it


Yes , it is i was just asking , thank you


not trying to rush you but around what time will you be finished?


Probably a couple of weeks, is that okay?


Here is your request:

Does it look okay and how you wanted? If not please say :blush:


Is his eyes white because it doesn’t look white and is his moith small round but further it looks fine thank you


Sorry, lemme fix it :smile:


There I’ve made his eyes whiter and his lips were already small round. Is that okay?


Thank you very much