**Free art scene** for my limelight story!

Hi! I would like a free art scene for my limelight story!
I will credit you in my story! I would love to see some examples if y’all can show me so I can choose better! Thanks :blob_hearts:
Character details: skin tone- neutral 03, body - athletic, eyes - deepset downturned (brown), nose- round button, lips - full heart pouty (rose light nude matte), face - square defined, hair - wavy long (brown black), brows - arched natural scar (black)

She should be in zone 2 of this pool background.

And I would like her in this pose. Either looking up, or giving a sexy look at the camera, but she should look hot and she should be drenched.
That’s it! Thank you. :sparkling_heart:

Oh, and with a wrist tattoo and a nose ring too!

I’ll get it done, dm me on insta @epi.fan123