Free art scenes and cover art for your story!(FULL!)

ILL BE DOING 3 ART REQUESTS AT A TIME. OPEN FOR REQUESTS!!!Edit: I’ll update (DONE) on the list when I’m done with the request

Hello there!:heart: So i am again opening up for reqs for art scenes and cover art for your stories after a break. Just a reminder that i may not be perfect at doing the work as your expected results but ill try to give you my best work possible. So if u want an art scene or a cover art hit me up. (I AM ONLY DOING ART SCENES AND COVER ART FOR YOUR STORIES!)
Here are some examples:


first 3 recent artwork that i did🥰

This is for a pfp art for the lovely**@Bette.S**

This is for a pfp for the lovely @SofiaxD

An art scene for the lovely @relle.

Another art scene for the lovely @episode_katherinee

An art cover for the lovely @NeahM


So ill be doing art scenes according to the requested orders from people. Ill be updating the list down below. Be sure to check it out to know your order positions. Also PLEASE READ THE RULES DOWN BELOW BEFORE ASKING FOR REQUESTS!


1.I dont do deadlines as i do art according to the people requests by order.

2.Next is do not ask when ill be finishing my art always, as i wanna say that i will be finishing it as soon as i can and that i do not accept it when people keep on asking me.

3.And one of the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS NEVER ask me to change the art after i have finished it! For example changing face shape, appearance, eyes and stuff like that as it will be not possible as i have finished everything. So be sure to tell me all the details and explanations before u tell me do ur request.

  1. Send me all the details u want in your art. For example characters, the features(freckles etc…), accersories(earings, piercings etc…) backgrounds, poses ansd stuff like that. ALSO i would prefer sending the details using a pictures or a screenshot.

5.Another important thing when i do your requests is to reply as fast as u can when u see me asking questions based on your art requests, but this point may not be needed as u have followed the 3rd point.

6.And lastlyy, i do 5 artworks at a time for free but with credits given in return in your story! Be sure to credit me my forums name**@Blue_lover**

ORDER LISTS(will start listing as i reopen for reqs)

  1. Kande10 (DONE)
  2. Thima_123
  3. Vaidehi1

Im really sorry if u didnt wanted to be tagged. :pleading_face:


Aww, may I please see your examples? :slight_smile:

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Of course😁

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Aww these are beautiful!! <3

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Thank u!:grin:

you’re welcome!
do you draw male characters, or prefer to draw female characters ?

I usually draw female, but i can draw male characters too, so yeah i guess i would prefer drawing female characters as i would say i am more experienced in drawing them❤

Hey! I loved your arts!! Can you draw this character for me?


Actually I need her straight hairs!!

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Can I request a pfp? Ur art is like amazing… I might request in the future for an art cover since im gonna start a new story soon…

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i absolutely love your art!

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Thank you!!

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You art are really good though i don’t really need it
May i ask which app you use🤔

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I use ibispaintx🥰

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That is really good
I use ibis as well

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Oh thats cool!

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can you tag me when you open up again your art is gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts:

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Of course🥰

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Oh please most welcome I need one for my first story

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I love ur art! So beautiful!

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Ill make sure to tag u when im reopen for requests again. Thanks you!:heart:

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