Free art scenes and more

I can make art scenes, covers and profile pictures if anyone needs help :blush:


Do you have examples?

Oooo i wana see some examples toooo.

I can put examples up when I get my phone fixed since all of my pictures are saved on that but there’s a few on my Instagram @geminieditzz :heart:

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This is it?

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Yes :blush:



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I need some help make me episode gang leader how can make good story some one please help me out this first time need help

What do you mean?

I’ve put a couple of examples in the summary☺

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do limelight scenes as well?
Body: Rose 03
Brow: Round Thin High (Light Brown)
Hair: Long Feathered (Honey Blonde)
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide (Blue Aqua)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Grecian Soft
Mouth: Medium Heart Natural (Pink Hot Gloss)

Heels House Party Leather White
Diamond Cluster Pink Diamond Accents Necklace
Diamond Cluster Diamond Pink Bracelet
Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress Pink Tulle Pale

Can you do it where her dress sort of flutters like this? I know the pink tulle dress isn’t long enough for this, so you can use/design any dress you’d like as long as it’s pink.

The background is also whatever you think is best. Something starry is kind of nice and if you can’t think of anything than EXT. ROYAL BALLROOM TERRACE - NIGHT is fine.

It’s okay if it’s too complicated or you can’t do it lol.

Sure I’ll work on that now☺

Hiya, I was wondering if you could do me a small cover for my story…

On your instagram you have a picture and i would like something like that it is the one with a white background, green top and black hair, If i send you the specs for my character would you be able to do this for me with my character, and add tattoo’s and fangs lol, I thought i would ask you before sending all over the details, thankyou :smiley:

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sure, i can use it as an inspiration however it isn’t my edit so i can’t do it the same. Message me the details and i can start that for you :slight_smile:

Dm’d You xx

Do you have time to help me out with an art scene? :pray:

Can you help me out with an art scene plz?:pray::heart:

Sure , dm me☺

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Sure, dm me☺

Hi, could you possibly make me a small and large cover?