Free Art Scenes/Covers/Edits/Overlays & BGs!

Hey guys! In this thread, I can make art scenes/covers/overlays/backgrounds for free! Just request what you’d like down below, and be sure to mention your characters’ features! If you’d like a specific pose/anything special added to it, please tell me (for poses, it’s greatly appreciated you post a screenshot of what you imagine it to look like!)

If you end up using any of my art, please credit me as @claire.epy on Instagram and/or somewhere in your Episode story each time you use it.

Here are some examples:

Art Scenes/Character Outlines

These are some art scenes/char outlines I’ve made for my new story.



Hi, do you think you’d be able to make an overlay for me? :thinking::blush: All of the information is on this post:

If you need any extra details let me know.

Just posted on that thread! :smile: If you want me to continue with the overlays, feel free to include any details you want here

Am I able to request an art scene? They’re really good.

Of course :smile: I’m very busy at the moment, though, so it may take a while

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Broken walls, behind forest, t rex staring with glowing eyes

Hi, I’m Miss Ella. I was wondering if you could do an art scene for me. The details are down below. Thanks!
RACHEL (The girl)
-Skin color:tan
-Eye shape: Upturned Bold
-Eye color: green
-Face shape: oval
-Hair: straight
-Hair color: fawn
-Eyebrows: thin curved
-Nose: soft natural
-Lip shape- classic
-Lip color- cherry red
Also could she be wearing the black belted sweater dress with some sort of black high heels?

Dante (The boy)
-Skin: tan
-Face shape: Chiseled Square
-Hair: Short Cropped
-Hair color: Black
-Eyebrows: Thin Arch
-Eyes: Stoic Almond
-Eye color: Green
-Nose: Button
-Lips: Small Round
-Lip color: Blush
I would like the characters to be kissing, Dante standing infront of Rachel.
Could it be in the INT. EURO HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT in zone 2?
Also, could Rachel be wearing the Blue Beach Day Romper and Dante wearing Basic Jeans(black) and the White Open Plaid shirt? Thank you so much!

Can you help me make a glowing eye (a mix of orange and blue) ovelay for my character in different positions