Free art scenes🎨☺️☺️

Can anyone please make me a free art scene if you can reply with examples please☺️



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You want an art scene?
Well it depends…
Tell me the details.

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I want an art scene for my upcoming story of 2 characters kissing

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Ok, tell me the details of the characters then.

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Hello? :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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Btw if you need help with coding visit my topic!

Btw, i am going to leave this topic until you reply bye!! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:
Soz :anifireworks: :blob_hearts: :blob_turtle: :raspberry: :cat:

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Oh okay


*female athletic body
*skin tone gold 02

  • arched natrual scar deep brown
  • medium straight down hair deep brown
    *eyes heavy lid upturned ice blue
  • face square defined
  • nose pointed downturned
  • lips small heart pink warm gloss
  • male athletic body
  • neutral 03
  • brow straight medium chestnut brown
  • hair medium side curls chestnut brown
  • eyes narrow almond deep sunken ice blue
  • face square long jaw stubble
  • nose straight pointed
  • lips full heart natrual pink peach medium gloss
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Sorry, if my drawing are bad, but at least im okay…

i will get it here soon!

Thank you

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Your welcome, bye!

Wait is it Limelight? And is this the pose you want?

Screenshot 2020-11-12 172228

Yes it is

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And can it maybe be the girl sitting on a counter top in the bathroom with the guy holding her and kissing her? And the male has tattoos

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Umm… Hang on…

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If its too hard then the first example is fine

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