Free art scenes?😁😁

Is there any free artists that can make me 4 art scenes?

  • Character Style?

  • Character details?


Female athletic body Gold 02
Brows: arched natrual scar Deep brown
Hair: medium straight down deep brown
Eyes: heavy lid upturned Ice blue
Face: square defined
Nose: pointed downturned
Lips: full wide Fair rose matte


Male athletic body Rose 03
Brows: straight medium scar Deep brown
Hair: Slicked back side shaved tousled Deep brown
Eyes: Narrow almond deep sunken Green emerald
Face: Square sculpted cleft chin
Nose: Hooked grecian
Lips: Full heart natrual Pink peach medium matte


Male athletic body neutral 03
Brows: straight medium Chestnut brown
Hair: medium side curls Chestnut brown
Eyes: Narrow almond deep sunken Ice blue
Face: square long jaw stubble
Nose: straight pointed
Lips: Full heart natrual Pink peach medium gloss

  • Character outfit?

For Isabella any cute beachy outfit like bikini or denim shorts with crop top

For mark
Beach swim shorts maybe a tshirt either is fine

For Charlie
Beach shorts maybe a tshirt either is fine

  • How many characters?

  • Pose?

Isabella and charlie poses

Isabella and Mark poses

  • Mood?

I could give them a go but you may have to wait quite a while to receive them since the both Charlie and Mark’s hair styles will be a challenge for me and I’m still practicing since I haven’t been drawing for years like other artists have (:

But like I said, I’m willing to give a scene a go and see how it goes if you don’t need them for while (:

If you need them quite soon, I wouldn’t recommend taking my offer since I’m unsure when you’d receive them (:

To get 4 w the complex poses I think ur gonna have to pay.

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Its totally fine i wont need them for awhile bc i havent been writing im waiting to be :sparkles:inspired​:sparkles:
So take your time​:blush::blush:

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Thank you, I’ll get started as soon as I am able to (:

Thank you so much

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You’re welcome, I’ll try my best (: