FREE ART SHOP (for anyone!) [CLOSED]

Hey everyone,

I am currently running this art shop. Everything is free! I do point buttons, overlays, character edits, story covers, basically anything you want! Give me a few days for each request and I’ll be done!

If you are interested, just reply with details.

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Here are some examples of my things:

Point Buttons

Liam +1

Tappable Buttons

Screenshot 2020-06-15 at 10.57.26

Character Cards

Examples of covers coming soon…

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Hey can u make some points buttons for my story? :grin:

Yeah sure! Any specific names on them? And what colour background?

Do you do drawn covers/edits? :o

Yep can u do
Plus (+) Patience, blue with angel’s wings
Plus (+) Impatience, red with a fire
And also with a dagger
Plus (+) Assassin
Minus (-) Assassin

Hey I’d like a character card
If you’re up for it I’ll send the deets

Yes, I do!

Yeah, sure!

Ok, give me a little while…



Clothing: No clothing
Pose : something like this

Props : Gun is possible
Themes : Badass

No problem, let me just finish with someone else and then i’ll do yours.

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Ok thanks

Here are your buttons, I hope they’re ok. Tell me if you want me to change anything. (Please credit me (with my username not Instagram)

Patience +1


Impatience +1


Assassin +1


Assassin -1

Assasin -1

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Can I please PM you? :see_no_evil:


Should I add a name for your character?

Thank u so much, I have to use your forum name right?

Yes, please. You’re welcome!

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Yes its Ariadam

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