Free Art shop! |πŸ”’| Y'all see the lock right? Open back Nov. 23 or later


Omg you are improving so much, wow!
Here if u have time could u make her primp while looking at the camera lol
I think that there is a pose for it.


If u need outfit tell me.


Thanks :blush: and would you like the same outfit as in details?


No I’d like her to wear Christmas sweatshirt in black colour.
Any black pants.
And high socks lmao. :joy::joy:


Actually I’d like black leggings.


Okay thank you I’ll try to get asap :grin:


Thanks! :blush:


with the whole syringe thing it’s against guideline to β€œpromote” drug use.


Hey leslie can i help with some stuff?


Do you have some examples?


lol one



So do you want to do Splashes?


@daniolugbile here’s your cover!

Please credit me @leslie.giselle04 on Instagram


May I please have a art scene? If so, here’s the info
Style: INk
Character details:
Skin: Tan
Eyebrows: Matured round
Hair: Long curly (chestnut)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (green)
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full round (raven)
Background: Grey ombre look
Outfit: Black ridged Moto jacket, Black with gold zipper zipped crop top, Black leather leggings, Black military chic boots.
Pose: idle_akward
When do you need this by?: Most likely a week


Okay thanks :sweat_smile: I’ll get to asap


Thank you so much!!!


No prob :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m only doing the one who’s already have been requested other wise

Other requests will be…
Hehe sorry this is officially closed for now


Only accepting if I have offered to help sorry again!