🤍 Free Art Shop! 🤍

Hello! Welcome to my free art shop!:white_heart:Everything is completely free!
I love editing in this style, so if you are interested, send me a DM on instagram @kennedy_epi! Or you can just comment here!

If you want to see an expamle of my art, it will be right below this! It is an example of a story I am working on!

I can make the large and small covers, I can also make instagram scenes! I can’t do artscenes, as they take up to much time!

Here is what you have to do to get a cover!

  • Tell me what episode background you would like;
  • Send me a picture of both you charaters, and name their features, and what animation you would like them to do. e.g. Skin tone- Gold 4;
  • Tell me what the story is about;
  • Tell me what clothes you would like your charaters to wear;
  • And finally, tell me how you would like everything to be placed! (Optional as I could set it all out for you!)

These covers are simple covers, No drawing!
I hope you like them!


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Do u make character cards


What do you mean?

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