Free artist needed please

Hello! I was wondering if anyone would be the kindest to help me by making a free cover for my story,I would like a blond woman and a man with black hair,scar on left eye. Other then that I really don’t mind about the poses or background, I would like it drawn,please let me know if you would be willing to draw this for free!!!
(creds will be given in the story every chapter)
Tysm :heart:

I opened my art shop today, so if you haven’t found someone and like my style, I could help. But I would need a pose reference : )

Hi!! Yes pleaseee tysmm! I have a couple of references, you can choose the easiest one that you like ofc!

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I always like a good challenge, so I’m 100% ok with you choosing which you like better. : )
And could you please comment all details to the thread I mentioned? Just so it’s easier for me and so I don’t lose anything! :hugs:

Alright thank you! I’ll reply to that thread!!

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