FREE background and overlays! (Public drives!)

This post is for episode authors/episode editors who don’t know anyone that’s apart of the episode community , who have drives they can use! ! **Make sure you read their guidelines, some require you to give **credit! If you know anymore authors that have public drives please tell me! Here’s all that I found so far. LIKE THIS IF IT HELPS!:heart:

@episode.smartii (background and overlays)
@shara.stories (background and overlays)
@dara.amarie.ep (background, overlays)
@alexa_episode (background and overlays)
@pooja.episode (background and overlays)
@catthegirl.episode (background and overlays)
@episode_amanda (overlays)
@nightly.epy ( hair pngs)
@larajane.writes (background,overlays,outlines,)
@episoderosella (outlines)
@aomsup.episode (hair pngs) (background and overlays)
@jalissa_stories (food overlays)
@grace..episode (backgrounds, overlays, hair pngs)
@epi.nugget (outlines)
@mikaylas.episode (outlines,overlays,backgrounds))
@smk_episode (backgrounds,overlays)
@katrine.stories (backgrounds,overlays)
@episode_maniak (outline)
@_epy.mikumiku (hair pngs)
@mon.episode (outlines)
If for any reason, you want me to take down ur name I will


Add @viasvitae name as well. She has awesome stuff in her drive. :wink:

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Thank you! :wink::heart:

There’s also this thread: 📝 Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators! :lollipop: :candy:

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I didn’t notice! Thank you!:wink::heart::hugs:

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No problem :nerd_face: :smile: :heavy_heart_exclamation: