Free Background by: Towerwhite

Hi guys! I wanted to share my google drive backgrounds and overlays with you, they’re all original works and if you use them please give credit <3… enjoy! You can leave suggestions…


I’ll check it out! Thanks for offering!


They’re absolutely amazing! Lol I want you to be my personal background overlay person. NOBODY ELSE CAN HAVE YOU. Jk, jk. Thank you so much for this. I really look forward to using them! And I’ll definitely be crediting you!

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Lol, I’m glad you liked them :joy:

These are actually pretty nice quality! I love the car mirror ones. That’s a pretty creative way to show the character talking.

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Thank you <3 gald you liked 'em :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I’ve noticed some of these are just PNG images from google because I already have them :confused:

Are you sure you can ask for people to give credit for some of these images? I understand the ones you’ve made but not the ones from google.

The backgrounds are all original creations, I didn’t leave clear that some were google images… My mistake.

Please don’t feel I was trying to be rude, I just didn’t want you to get into trouble :see_no_evil:

You may want to amend your ‘Important Document’ to be a little more clear.

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THE CAR MIRROR IS PERFECT FOR MY STORY! Definitely gonna give creds

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Thanks for using it!! :smiley:

How do I add an image to the blank part of the car mirror?

I’ll be using your backgrounds, and will be sure to give credits, thank you for offering this to the community!

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I don’t understand your question… Mind sending private? n.n

Love the background, but a piece of advice blur out the Apple sign on the desktop computer in the Tumblr bedroom cause they will reject it


Thanks for sharing these, when I looked at them, it was like love at first sight!

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True, will do. thanks for the comment :smiley:

That makes me so happy :smiley:, you’re welcome :two_hearts:

These are awesome!
DO you have a night version of the vintage bedroom inside your drive?

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