Free Backgrounds and Overlays 2

Beautiful! :heart:

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I actually made this a couple of weeks back, but I didn’t know how to decorate it. Anyway, I’ll just post the empty room for now and update it later in the drive.

Sorry, kind of stuck even though so many assets came out recently (really enjoyed them btw)

Oh, and this is an exterior background for some modern building at night:

Edit: Is the empty room coming out with a white screen in the window? Should be transparent.


Oooh! They look so good!

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^ Above uploaded to drive, and yes, the window appears transparent in the drive*

New uploads:

Tree Overcast on a Gray Day
Can be found in Modern Day Backgrounds > Outdoor Backgrounds

A Sci-Fi Building Exterior
(I guess it still looks a bit diner-y but I loved that little building part)
Can be found in Fantasy and Sci-Fi Backgrounds> Orig. Edits> Sci-Fi Backgrounds> Future World Exteriors

Yeah, so you can see that recently I’ve been working on a more Sci-Fi theme since it’s a bit lacking in that area on Episode.

(Also I scrummaged through some backgrounds so I did update other random edits onto my drive)




Thank you! This is so lovely, I’ve been making a SCI-FI Story and resources are lacking so much in that department.


Thank you so much they look amazing toasty!

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Hey, I’m new in this forum so I really don’t know how things work around here, but would you be up to drawing some Overlays for a story I’m coding? I would obviously credit you for them.

Sorry, as said previously, I don’t take requests (and I don’t draw overlays either, I edit). Thanks anyway, but there are also many creators on the forums, You could probably make a thread asking about it. Good luck!

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Yeah, I’ve just made it! Thank you anyways. :blush:

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They actually have hot bubble tea, so the hot cup overly won’t be a problem.

bippity boppity bump :hearts:

Thanks to the people who bumped.

To be honest, I lost some interest in Episode recently (well, for a little period of time). Additionally, my homework load has been a little heavier recently.

But then I felt a little bit of renewed interest recently, and I have some new ideas.

So this isn’t a new background post, but I might post less often from now on.

Sorry for not updating, by the way. I know I tend to drift off the forums for long periods of time here and there. (And a very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)



Hehe merry belated Christmas and a happy new year to you too!

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Bump :baguette_bread: :bread:

Yes, I have definitely slackedddd

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These are amazing! I still don’t get how people can make/edit backgrounds and overlays like this. Seems nearly impossible lol. I salute you, thanks! :blob_turtle:

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