Free Backgrounds and Overlays 3

(Summary Introduction: Hi, I’m Toasty, and I make backgrounds and overlays)
*The correct wording would be that I take the backgrounds and overlays Episode has in their existing Art Catalog and edit/recolourize/do stuff with them

I stopped doing this for a long while so I decided to just move over to a third thread. My rules can be seen in the previous thread, here:

…and I’m actually a bit too lazy to update my drive right now, so the backgrounds in this thread won’t be updated to the drive for now.

Another reason why I decided to make this third thread is that I think my backgrounds previously were lacking in certain areas that made it look like its own background, and even though they still aren’t perfect, I want to make a separation in terms of steps towards (something).

Edit: I forgot to add, but with backgrounds, I’m pretty obsessed with one-panels (because directing across several is so tiring), so sorry for those who don’t like one panel.

So first post below. Thanks, everyone! :hearts:


Foresty Camp Background:

Medieval Royal Interior Room

Medieval Royal Interior Room with Slippers (Random addition)

Edit: My bad, forgot the chair side overlay:



These backgrounds are amazing, and I’ve been looking for more medieval style backgrounds. Thanks!

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Do you have any cozy night backrounds?
something gothic/fantasy/dark academic?

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Not sure what ‘cozy night background’ means-you mean something like this background Episode has?

As for ‘Dark Academia’, I’m aware of the style and it’d be fun to make a library or some sort of empty-ish ‘Dark Academia’ room. (But no, I don’t have a background that is grounded in that style as far as I know)


I forgot, but feel free to leave suggestions (don’t have a poll rn because I’m not sure what everyone’s looking for)

After the last post made by @Willowbean,

I’m looking for stuff related to Dark Academia, and I’m also currently working on a cheap 1900s hotel room/maid’s room.

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Sorry for the vaugeness haha
Yeah somethin like tht

Super stuck currently, so here’s a random sound splash (you have to add whatever text you want though)



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Oh ma gad, my bad~
considering coming back to forums but I keep forgetting!

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We miss you :smiley:

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