Free Backgrounds and Overlays 4

These are so nice - love the bags especially they’re so cute. (hope you’ve been doing well!)
If you didn’t see their post, Episode is closing the Forums in favor of an “Episode Official Discord”- so they are telling people to save or transfer their art/etc to the Discord before June 28th.

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Hey Cole!! Honestly, I just saw the thing they sent out and at first I thought they were just saying they would simultaneously open a Discord server…but alas. Grrr, not sure I’d like to do all that transferring, but I’ll peek around the Discord and see how it is; I’m hardly active anyways. But the sentimentality is definitely here and the nostalgia of this webpage is really going to hit me. I have been doing well, or at least, life has definitely been going on the outside! I’m so glad you love the bags as well, I think I used to just randomly make things when I was bored. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m glad you’ve been doing well :heart: I really wish they could archive rather than eliminate the entire domain. They did have a message in the Discord that says to link threads that should be/need to be transferred because the user is inactive or rarely active if others share your links ( I volunteer lol)

Edit: while poking around, be aware that gen chat is wild and not necessarily in a good way so much so that yesterday they had a 30 minute ‘cool down’ timer (it’s now 30 seconds).

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You too! It feels like so much has changed, I haven’t been able to keep up with the book clubs or gumball machines or shards? and even their new layout. I like the older UI better; community stories feel deliberately hidden now. But I don’t use the app often so I suppose my input isn’t very practical :sweat_smile:.

Oh definitely, I don’t mind other people sharing my links at all. To be honest, this new announcement feels like a true revamp so if I don’ stray away from the mood I might just revamp my whole Free Backgrounds thing and focus more on just making things I like right now.

Well, I guess we’re missing Covid because why do we have another lockdown in order? Jk, but I do think the Discord management will be better? I think psychologically the fact that it’s a whole different app makes it feel less ‘controllable’/ for some reason the forums has always been mostly chill without slurs/too much drama/profanity/inappropriate content (at least to my knowledge). I hope they keep that up. And I mean, I’m still part of Gen Z, but maybe this is what the current most active Episode users prefer.

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This is my perspective too I didn’t even know like 3/4 of the changes they made to the app because I use it so little.

This sounds fun tbh. I started making backgrounds this past year or so and I just make whatever pops into my head (haven’t in a couple months lol no inspiration). It does feel like they are trying to revamp the community/interest in the app.

Maybe and honestly it’s a mixed bag of responses. I think, once they have things in hand, the Discord could be beneficial to people in the long run and is a route that a lot of companies are taking these days.

For me, it’s the drama/trolls that I worry about. So far they’ve been giving warnings and managing a very active community chat as well as they can with the current number of mods. I still wish they weren’t just ending the Forums; but if we’re being honest – this place has felt deserted for awhile (even on Update threads there’s not the same level of interaction or interest) so perhaps this will be a re-surge :woman_shrugging: I’m still withholding full judgement on the Discord until it’s been active for more than a few days lol

The 30 minutes might sound extreme but if you read through the ‘community chat’ – people were spamming the hell out of it and being confrontational, weird.

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I know about the move to Discord, but anyways, here’s a Wabi-Sabi Interior

Version 1 Day:

Version 1 Night:

Version 2 Day:

Version 2 Night:

Table Overlay Day:

Table Overlay Night:



Very cool :slight_smile: I like the neutral colors


And Old-ish Dressing Room Screens



Hey!! I’m not sure if you’re a part of the Discord server, but some people are requesting to add your posts to the Discord so that they aren’t lost forever, lol. I’d like to ask for permission, if you’d be ok with me reposting/transferring it over there, if you’d like to do it yourself, or if you don’t feel comfortable shifting your posts to discord. All is fine and dandy to me! I know you’re still active on here so I just wanted to ask first. If you’re not comfortable sharing, that is perfectly fine!! thank you!!

Edit: they are also mentioning your other bgs and ovl posts, if that is ok. :see_no_evil: lmk lmao!!
Also, first time seeing this thread, but like WOW your bgs look incredible!!
Edit #2: AND YOUR OVL!!! clearly I’ve been living under a rock :skull:

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I agree Lilyarts, Toasty’s backgrounds are amaze :blob_hearts: I’ve had the link to her background thread in my bio since like forever :joy: love you Toasty :joy:


I’m not! I am aware of it, and yeah, my activeness does ebb and flow a lotttt. I don’t mind at all if people repost/transfer my content; that’ll definietely be helpful. If I get around to it, I might more cohesively put things together in the future, but for now, I have no plans to do so so it’s so cool that you;'re volunteering! And Thank you soooo much! :heart:


I went through some of my ‘Planned Backgrounds for X Story that Never Came to Fruition’ Folder and found this; since I don’t think I’ll ever finish x or y or z or xyz story anytime soon, here we go:


Version with a Different Pillow:

Ottoman Overlay:

Table Overlay:

So, e.g.:

Little Bit of Lore:
So actually, I was thinking about old early 16-18th century styled rooms, and the thing about modern interiors is that we like to make big use of windows in decor, especially since glass is so widespread now. Yet it would have been extremely expensive to make glass on a bigger scale, so many rooms would not have had windows/had tiny windows. I think the incorporation of glass is actually quite a modern element. So that’s how we got this room without any windows. But also because the day/night version is the same with no windows :wink: :smile:



Hey, love these backgrounds and overlays how do we credit you?

Omg I’m using this!! Lmao!! It’s soooo hard to find older themed bgs!!

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Bro get out!!! Take your ads elsewhere plz. This is Episode



I know right?

@/CinnamonToast: Love the old vibe of the bedroom :heart:


You too, GET OUT LMAO. :eyes:


Not sure which rug suits better, so here are two versions:

Red and Cream Rug Day Version:

Red and Cream Rug Night Version:

Red and Yellow Swirl Rug Day Version:

Red and Yellow Swirl Rug Night Version:

Bed Blanket Overlay Day Version:

Bed Blanket Overlay Night Version:



I think they both fit tbh lol Great job :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m new to Episode regarding creating my first story, and I loved “living room 2 day” background under your google drive link. I wanted to ask permission to remove the curtains/window so that the wall is plain grey colored, so i can put my own poster overlays on it (i’d like to make it feel like a dorm room living room). Please reply back ASAP, i read your rules and wanted to ask you first if that’s okay if i did that, or if u can! thank you! My episode username is Charlequinnn. I’ll still give credit to you in my story if allowed to change that one part of the background! :heart_hands:

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