Free backgrounds and overlays! 🏗



Of course @Granolias! Again, this is a free backgrounds and overlays no credit thread, so you won’t actually need to credit me. Thank you! :heart:


Ahh okay, thanks! :hugs:


Are you open??


Open? What do you mean by that?


Are you doing Overlays and stuff or are you full?..


Sorry, this isn’t a request thread here, so this might be a little off topic. I do overlays- I’m not sure about stuff- but my bio does say that I take requests from Episode Harmony’s request thread, so you can go there if you do want one. I’m busy, but I’m not full. :wink:


We really appreciate you, too! I’m just starting out as a writer and I greatly appreciate this thread, so thank you so much for sharing your work. Even having a starting place like this has helped me immensely.


Thank you, it’s always great to know if you’ve helped someone, and you’ve all helped me develop as well! :kissing_heart:


Hello everyone!

Please keep in mind this post was not to undermine anyone, but just to make you aware of my background thread rules as I am aware there are some slights spots I haven’t gone through which could have caused confusion, and I take responsibility for that part.

To make things clear, I’m going to type the rules and details down below

Of course, if you have any inquiries, feel free to ask!
(And of course, I would love feedback)

  1. This thread’s purpose to make or edit episode-themed backgrounds and let episode writers use them for free and credit is optional.

  2. On this thread, I am not obliged to give routine updates, as it all belongs to my schedule. I promise to try to make backgrounds quite often but it does take time.

  3. Please don’t be mistaken, I will definitely do my best-creating backgrounds or editing them, but I do have my limits especially with limited tools, so I won’t be able to do everything.

  4. I do sometimes hold polls- sometimes I do all of the options listed on the polls, and sometimes I don’t. I don’t want to be rude about this, but I’d say that it wouldn’t be exactly your choice to control what I create. I do try to take on challenges but I can’t promise everything.

  5. Now, here is a new rule. As you can see, I do create backgrounds for free and without credit. What this means that the background still belongs to me, but you are allowed to use them freely. However, please do not edit my backgrounds without my permission. I do spend a lot of time on these and I hope you understand my point of view.

  6. Side Note: No, I don’t have Instagram, and I don’t have a background drive.

  7. Not all backgrounds I make will be contributed into this thread. For example, I won’t add some backgrounds used personally in my own stories, which I apologize about.

  8. Other than that, this thread is not for requesting, and I only take requests on Episode Harmony’s Request thread now. Also, please do try not to get off topic as the sole purpose of this thread is for me to share backgrounds for all of you.

  9. Lastly, I hope you can understand I won’t do every background everyone suggests. I do themes, and I won’t always take your suggestion, For example, if you want a winter-themed background for your story, that is personal. I do backgrounds in general, which means for everyone’s sake. It’d also be cheating myself I did everyone’s- it isn’t fair to me.

I’m sorry if you’re disappointed by these rules, or if this post bored you out. :confounded: I hope you all enjoy, and of course, have a good day as usual! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And of course, I’d take in suggestions as to what I’d do next.

Toasty x


im in loveee​:heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you, and no problem! :heart:


i wish i had your hands​:joy::joy:







And you may think- Toasty, Christmas is, like, legit, like, I don’t know, like, a month away? Like, no.
(Sorry, I was typing it in a sassy voice :laughing:)

Naw! It’s never too late to get into to Christmas spirit! Christmas is my favourite holiday, so what’s coming next is Christmas themed backgrounds! I know I said cultural, but I didn’t get any suggestions and I was stuck and couldn’t find overlays I needed for certain countries.

So, if you’d like to suggest anything, that’s great too!


A office with big windows with snow falling and Christmas decorations in the office, a romantic setting with a big tree with lights and with snow falling? Maybe more traditional Christmas backgrounds like a pretty family lounge with a Christmas tree and presents? I know they are lame ideas but maybe you will feel inspired :grin:
PS your backgrounds are beautiful!


Exactly! Thank you for the inspiration! I will definitely look into it! And thank you! :heart:
You’ve definitely helped me!


Hiya @CinnamonToast ! Do you possibly have a background of just the bed from INT. EURO HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT and DAY ?


:slight_smile: Going to the Episode Harmony thread will mean you will likely get what you need :+1:t2:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


How about a Christmas tree in a town square? Or, making the mall background a little festive?
Most towns and cities usually have a large tree and decorations put up in public places to celebrate. :slight_smile:


Ding ding ding ding. Well, ze know who’s going to get a Christmas present from Clause this year. Thank you! :heart: