Free backgrounds and overlays! 🏗



What about thanksgiving? lol.


True, but Thanksgiving, I feel, you can’t do much from it. For a Thanksgiving dinner, all you’d need to do is add a table overlay from the art catalog into a home background with some turkey and other Thanksgiving food overlays on top. I feel like we could do so much more with Christmas and indirect relations. SO right now, I’m working on a ski resort mountain background.
Sorry to disappoint :pensive:


Note: Ski resort Mountain background coming today.
I just want to say that the ski resort name will have to be on it, and it’ll be the only name that’ll get to be on it.
It doesn’t make sense, so let me rephrase it.
Basically, the Ski Resort name will be on it, and you won’t be able to choose, so I’m sorry for that.
So, if you want to suggest any names below because I’m stuck, feel free to!


Before I say anything, I have to add one more rule to my set of rules:
10. None of my backgrounds are in the correct size, and I don’t resize them.
So this means that they might not be exactly in proportion, so some bits might be cut out- but I do try to not make those bits matter in my backgrounds.
So on to the real stuff you wanted:
I just realized, no, I don’t actually need the ski resort name for my first background, I just assumed that I needed a huge sign to put on the mountain- I don’t know, I wasn’t really concentrating. Ahah…
Anyhow, this is my latest background, and this is in my opinion, the best background I ever made other than the futuristic ones, of course.
60% of the background was drawn, exclude the actual background, I’m talking about the overlays. So excuse me if it doesn’t seem so episode realistic like because my drawing skills are much more behind.
I did work hard on it, so I hope you all like it!
Note: I will be away for Christmas (which is a month later, of course) so I will put for backgrounds up beforehand to compensate for the loss in between those few weeks.
So, the set of backgrounds I have are:

  1. Just the mountain- Day
  2. Just the mountain - Night
  3. Mountain and the ski lifts - Day
  4. Mountain and the ski lifts - Night
  5. Mountains and the ski lifts and the ski racks - Day
  6. Mountains and the ski lifts and the ski racks - Night
    You might wonder why I didn’t just do day and night. Obviously, I do try to make it look like I did much more work, :rofl:
    So here it is:

    Have a great day! :heart:


This looks amazing.


Thank you! :heart:


I’m glad I could help :grin: Maybe a other idea is a snow angle back ground or a snowman background or overlay. You could also make normal snowy backgrounds not holiday related, I feel there are too little of them on the episode backgrounds provided.
Your backgrounds are so good I know you will be able to make something amazing :heart:


All your backgrounds really look amazing!!!


Thank you so much! :heart: @TylerK191 and @JHW :sob:


I loved it! I am going to use them on my special Christmas episode from my story


Oh my god,I’m so honored! Thank you! :heart:


Will definitely have to use, thanks for being so kind!:heavy_heart_exclamation:


No problem, and, dear me, thank you! :heart_eyes:


Hey hun are you still taking requests?


@coco.episodes :wink:


hey could you make one where in a room there is a christmas tree and fairy lights bed and could it be a 4 zone background…


It’s not possible to upload your own 4 zone background…


@yashika1 sorry, but no. As stated in rule 8 and 9:

I hope you find an alternative! :wink:


do i have to credit you?


oh :broken_heart: okay…then how about a modern living room?