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Thank you for the suggestion :grinning: Perhaps in the future, I have mentioned currently I am working on Christmas related backgrounds. :grin:


Alright, I didn’t see the credit is optional


Wow, great works and it is nice of you to share them :slight_smile: + to your Karma score :grin::wink:



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@CinnamonToast how about crediting you anyway because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t?


Thank you! As I said, Credit is optional, so you can choose whether to credit me or not :blush:
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Is there a Beach Background on here I went through the whole thread and didn’t see one? Did I pass it up or is there not one :thinking:


No, there isn’t one, sorry. I mentioned that I tried to make one, but no, I can’t, so there isn’t one.
Sorry for the inconvenience. :smirk:


Eh, a sister found one :wink: don’t worry this thread is AMAZING btw!


:smile: Thank you, and I’m glad you found what you were looking for!


Right, so yes, I am working on some Christmas Backgrounds, but please understand it’s not the easiest to find some items or make one- and the best backgrounds I make are not under pressure but when it comes to mind. So this is what came to mind when I was trying to piece some things together.
I apologize if this was not the update you wanted.
Anyhow, I hope you do like it anyways, and sorry for the 7 day wait, I was out of ideas and mostly just lazy.
The theme is The Roman Public Baths
You can search it up if you want, but this is what the Romans did in ancient times. You could also buy honey and olive bread as well as sausages other and snacks at night (which you could use a bagel overlay from Episode’s own catalog if you have a story that uses this, or maybe I’ll draw one and put it here) The reason why I didn’t make it night time was because The Roman Public Baths close at night.
So I hope you like it!

  1. Roman Public bath- near
  2. Roman Public Bath- Far (This is the more appropriate one, they were quite big, in fact)
  3. The waiting area where you could socialize (traditionally, there were also grass fields where people could bet on people who did naked wrestling or do sports but anyways-)

    (Also, if you were looking for outdoor hot springs, I’d recommend the art catalog’s “EXT. COUNTRY ROMANTIC WATERFALL - DAY” and “EXT. ROMANTIC LAKESIDE - DAY”, and if indoors, “INT. HOTTUB - DAY”

And here are the overlays, I’m so sorry I forgot them!

If you are wondering what the “blue thing” does, it’s the water. You can make it transparent- also, the pattern of the water is different to the water which can make a rippling effect that makes it look more like water. It should also be the same size as I measured it- or if not, close to. if you have any problems, feel free to come and ask me!

Edit 2: I was looking at the background and I realized without the statues, it looks like a normal garden-park like place. So I removed the statues and this is what you get:

Hope you liked the update, and have a great day! :wink:


New update! (I’ll never update that fast ever again)
This is a tavern doorway overlay-
So you can put it on top of a tavern background. This shows dirty old mugs and creaking, slanted shelves- it depicts a grittiness of taverns- you know, where you get some ale. (Also because I was thinking about making something more old fashioned)
So here you go, and I hope you like it!

And the version where it’s lit, in a dark basement like place:

And example of how it may be used:

Anyhow, this could be used not only for taverns -e.g: basement, country house living room.
I hope you like it, and I won’t be updating so fast later on!

Again. Have a good day! :wink:


I can see how many possibilities of giving a hole new look to woody backgrounds there are using this overlay! Thank you!


No problem! :blush:


Hi everyone! This is going to be a more serious post.
I know I said I won’t be posting more backgrounds today, but, anyways, there is one more.
Let me explain.
I was going through all my backgrounds- and I saw the school lockers. Now, the school lockers had a bulletin board with real posters, and one version had a prom sign on it. I can’ seem to remember if I use commercially free images for it or not (and don’t worry, every background I made other than the school lockers are fine). I have a 90% suspicion where the posters were not commercially free and from real schools and all, so I decided to change them. If you scroll up, you’ll see that I deleted them and put new ones- and in my opinion, look better as well.
Now, I’m not sure who used those backgrounds, but I will tag people I think may have used it (and I’m so, so sorry for the inconvenience, I promise you and everyone else this will definitely not happen again and I did that back when I was not aware of this issue, so please forgive me) @Shweta_episode
(And @shweta_episode if you don’t mind, could you delete the posts which you put the old locker backgrounds in? I don’t want people to get confused or use it)
I understand this is very inconvenient and I promise you
This will definitely not happen again
I have made mistakes in the past and this was one of them.
To make it up to you, I also made another new school locker hallway background:
And here are the open locker versions:
And if you want to make your own, here are the overlays:

Again, I apologize.
Have a great day! (And sorry if I ruined it or ruined your story in any way)


Its okay…we understand…


Your backgrounds are beautiful.