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I donโ€™t think I used your BG :no_mouth: and if I didโ€ฆI donโ€™t remember! :disappointed_relieved:


Oh no- Iโ€™m so sorry. Iโ€™ll try to make it up to you. Is the story published? :persevere::open_mouth:


You put so much effort in this, itโ€™s stunning and theyโ€™re really good! :clap::cake:
Just want to tell you, that people like you are needed in this world. :pensive:


Thank you so much :sob:
:no_mouth: Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™m not as good as you described me :smirk:, but nevertheless, thank you for your kindness and understanding! :kissing_heart:


No your background are amazing, seriously! :grin: :hugs:


Thank you so much! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I promise Iโ€™m working on the Christmas living room, but Iโ€™m just a little stuck.
hereโ€™s a little edit of a heaven interior update for now!

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Hey everyone! I really liked making this overlay. This is the only vehicle overlay Iโ€™ll be editing, but it bugged me so much that EPisodeโ€™s limo overlay wasnโ€™t a whole limo and people would actually use that little bit of a limo to drive- and youโ€™d see that bit pass by on the scream and I would hate it, so here you go, and I hope you all like it! (Oh, and also the wheels)
Same rule applies, no editing, using it in your backgrounds, etc.
Enjoy you wonderful humans, and Have a great day!

And by what I mean, I mean itโ€™d look like this:

Also, tip: Use the Ghamali overlays in the art catalog to represent heaven!


@PixieAf I was going through the comments, and I want to add that there is already a recording studio background in Episode called INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY and it looks like this:

And there is a recording studio with the controls background (I forgot from where) here: (I linked the specific page, the images are at the top) and donโ€™t forget to credit those people if you still need them!

If you didnโ€™t, sorry for replying late. (They also have another recording studio background)
Anyhow, have a good day!


Wow your backgrounds are amazing! You deserve the credit so at the beginning of my story I will definitely give credit for the backgrounds you create or edit! You deserve the recognition! :heart:


Thank you so much! :heart_eyes: Actually, thank you for replying, because I was waiting to post some backgrounds I found from my old stash but I realized more than 3 consecutive replies were not allowed.

They are kind of for old-styled stories, the ones with different sofaโ€™s being for portraits. mostly, but you can use them for whatever you want! (And sorry theyโ€™re not really good, but I had to post them, so)
To everyone, have a great day!


Wow I love them! so beautiful! :grin:


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