Free backgrounds and overlays! πŸ—



Hi how are you? It’s been a while! :sweat_smile:
Do you still do backgrounds? :woman_shrugging: :heartbeat:


Hey can you make the desk an overlay please


I think there’s already an overlay background/regular overlay in the Episode Portal for this one.


do you know the name cause i can’t seem to find it


In the Background Section of the Art Catalog it’s these:
INT. GUARD DESK OL ZOOM - DAY (if you want it up close)




I check those but they don’t have the desk overlay they just have the desk removed


It’s not removed. In your story the characters will appear behind the desk. :blossom:


oh okay


Thank you soo much for your help I really appreciate it.


Hey is this still open??


It’s not a request thread, but it’s still open


Oh ok then


OMGH!! How have I not run across this thread before?! These backgrounds are insane! Usually, I don’t like seeing backgrounds without shadows or reflections but I loved seeing your backgrounds! It’s too good for those details. lol! They are gorgeous, creative, and spontaneous!


This is amazing! That’s a lot of hard work!


Can I just say you’re so freaking amazing? Because they actually look like the official backgrounds of what episode team would create. LOVE U<3


Hi sweetie it’s ok if i create an overlay of the blanket of your background (i think it’s the pink bed in a room with vines) so that my character is sleeping under the blanket?


Hey @decembermaria20! Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:


Thank you very much @Rawan.episode! :heart_eyes: (And it’s nice and fun though, so no matter the work, it’s nice to test my creativity)


Thank you so much @MC.Episode! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush: And yes, you can definitely do that, and thanks for asking!
If you want, I have this: (though I just made it so I don’t think it’s the right color, so I apologize)