Free backgrounds and overlays! πŸ—



oh ok! But am I still allowed to credit her or does she not want it completely?


Don’t think she minds @CinnamonToast


ok thank you @Januva


Can I request a background please for my story?


@Niah.epy Have you read the first post on this thread?



No one has station backgrounds and seeing these made me really happy, thank you Cinnamon Roll :cry:


Your backgrounds are amazing! Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:
Plus you juat save my life, I’m about to make trains and train stations backgrounds for my Missed Connection story, which is not gonna work well


These are great. Thank You


holy crap dude this is a+++ editing skills


@southampton23 your replies are as amazing as always! You still have to make a thread for it, I do want to know why since it looks more realistic. I suppose my idea was simple, but it’s also the lazy way to do it, :sweat_smile:


@amberose :+1:
Thank you, and I’m absolutely giddy!
Replying to the second reply, again, thanks amberose! :kissing_heart:


Thank you @Danois! I obviously still need to improve, but making backgrounds helps me at that. :kissing_heart:


:rofl: I’d say it’s a tad bit exaggerated, but thank you! I’m glad I’m posting backgrounds that aren’t useless such as the interior of a pencil case? That actually could be useful, I don’t know. I’m so happy you like them! I was worried this would be an update nobody needed.
Also, replying to your second comment, thank you very much! I’m just the puppet, I wait for Episode to make more backgrounds so I can make more backgrounds :joy:


Thank you for minding this thread @Januva!


Yes, to clarify, it is optional to whether you want to credit me or not, so you won’t have to. I’m glad you asked though, it’s not that I don’t want credit, it’s just that I understand this takes away a lot from a story in the end to have all this stuff and seems very annoying to authors alike. Therefore the conclusion is to allow the backgrounds to not need credit but doesn’t mean people can take credit for it or edit it and the like, etc. Thanks for allowing mr to clarify! :wink:


Aww, thank you! I love Cinnamon Rolls too but I’d prefer toast, as said my username. I love unique backgrounds, so it makes me happy to see people happy and to make them as well! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Silver_Shadow thank you so much as well! If nobody used my backgrounds, that would mean no background thread, so I got to thank you!

Also, what? This is great! Coincidence? I was going to make a missing connection story (but bailed ultimate;y from the strange plot it had to follow, and I was going to have metro stations to, which was the ultimate reason for making this.

I’ll definitely read it, don’t you worry, we all develop and get better at skills. The biggest thing is that you care for what you do and like to do it, which is also the force from making backgrounds, and like all different hobbies.


Thank you @jruss! I’m glad you like them!


@MC.Episode- thanks for the lovely reply, I’m absolutely flattered and I will wear my pride on my head today. :kissing_heart:


And to everyone else, sorry for the spam of replies, I promise I’ll be working on more backgrounds soon! Also, suggestions are welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, so honestly, yeah, some suggestions would be great.