Free backgrounds and overlays! 🏗



Thank you for all your work. And even though you dont require credit. I’ll be sure to credit you regardless.


Thank you! :heart: That’s very sweet and I appreciate you for this. And I’d have to thank all of you too, because without people who use them, this thread would be a wreck.


does anyone have a EXT. DAD’S HOUSE - DAY background with fire and a burned down house?


Please refer to the first post. The owner of this thread does not accept requests. This is only a free background thread.


I know, I was just asking because it was so many replies and I didn’t want to scroll through all of them to find one, so I was hoping that someone who has one would reply to this or tell me where one is!


Ah, okay. But please refrain from asking these questions here. You can also ask this question in a by starting a new thread. (People will be more likely to help you that way, because it grabs more attention)


I have already and no one has replied.


.@Benzie.stories just to clarify, I don’t have that background, and I won’t make it as this is not a request thread. I’m sorry for that inconvenience and to clarify, I won’t be here for 7 days anyways for vacation, but hope you find someone to do it!


Hey everyone, back from vacation and quick update! Yeah, I know, it’s far from valentine’s day, but still- honestly I needed something comfy and easy for me to do but also an update, so here’s a lover’s lounge or whatnot. Hope you all like it!
Also, thanks to @amberose for the valentine theme idea. :grinning:

And as always, have a great day!
Toasty x


That look so cosy! Wish I was there now, It’s freezing in my house :laughing:


:heart_eyes::laughing: Thanks! Yeah, it was inspired from winter, since all I like is a heater. I’m sorry you’re so cold, I’m quite warm, actually.


Also, if anyone as any suggestions- I’m really stuck up here.

Or should I make a poll? Haven’t done one in ages!


Poll! :wink:

  • A Cafe
  • First Class Airplane seat? (Or maybe Business class)
  • A Kitchen
  • A House exterior (Yes, I’d try again)

0 voters




Currently, the lead is a cafe, but honestly, this one takes much longer, so I hope you don’t mind if I start working on the airplane first, which is also a very popular choice (And I mean that by the interior, bot (edit: not) exterior). Have a good day everyone! I probably won’t be updating today- perhaps tomorrow or even the day after, and thanks again!


Hi, I wanted to ask if you could make the EXT. COUNTRY ROMANTIC WATERFALL - DAY background from day to night.
Thank you.


Thank you so much!!!


Read the first post before requesting here. If you do, you’ll notice that Cinnamon Toast doesn’t take requests… Side note: you can use the dim overlay to make it look like night time


Oh sorry, my mistake.
Thank you for telling me.