Free backgrounds and overlays! πŸ—



do you have the overlay for these hotub i 'm really in need <3


Oh, I’m sorry! Do you mean for the hot tub backgrounds? I didn’t really think it would be needed, so I apologize.
So for this background that I edited previously?


Side note: Still working on the airplane, so I apologize.


Hi @CinnamonToast, by any chance do you have a curtain overlay for the old style living room background, the one you posted on the 18th of december? I don’t want to cause any problems but I just wanted to ask.

P.s. I know I said that like 3 times before on this thread but I love all those backgrounds!:heart:


Hey @Natka, here’s the overlays (I’m not sure which one), and thank you! :kissing_heart:


@CinnamonToast do you have any bedroom backgrounds with a computer desk? Like a laptop on a desk with a chair?

It’d also help if you could give night and day if you have it!


@CinnamonToast doesn’t take request :sweat_smile:


Oh, um do u know someone who does?


@AMagic she does backgrounds x


I already have one from her that i’m using


Oh right


Bruh. Read this again.


Hey :blush: could I ask you a background? Well, you already have it but I’d love if you could help me changing its Color :blush: tell me if you’re free :wink:


@Lady_Canella I’m sorry, but I don’t take requests. :sweat_smile: Although, if it’s extremely simple, I could help you, but please pm me, and we can continue this on pm if you would like. I don’t use photoshop or any apps so I might not be the best for this- if you want maybe @/lanafrazer_episode would be much better. Thanks.
(Edit: @/Lady_Cannella)


Thank you, @xlilMissy101x! :kissing_heart:


To everyone, I’m struggling a tad bit with the first class-ishy airplane seat, because photo references come in all sorts of different styles, so it might take a while. Keep in mind that, and yeah, I usually do three zone backgrounds, but this will be 1 zone. I hope this isn’t a inconvenience and have a great day! :kissing_closed_eyes:
Edit: Short distance flight meaning, no, there isn’t a bed.


Sorry late reply but no worries :hugs:


You always make beautiful artwork, I’m so excited to see the airplane!


Thank you! And I hope to publish it late tonight or tomorrow morning! :kissing_heart:


I love your work.
The backgrounds are awesome.