Hi, welcome to the thread!
I can find free backgrounds online for you without getting copyrighted
If anyone needs one, just name the genre (e.g. fantasy, interior, exterior…) and be a little specific and I can find the background you for you.

Splashes: I can make splashes for you, but I require the theme (e.g. color scheme, genre) and a description of what exactly you want in the splash


do you think you could find me a fancy living room background? where its like white:) ?

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Hi! Yes, here’s one I found. Tell me if you were looking for something else in particular.


its perfect! tysm.

np! glad i could help!

Do you think you can find me a New York day background?

Can you find me a ballroom background

here are some, let me know if you want the sizes changed according to the size range of Episode backgrounds

THESE ARE PERFECT! Thank you so much!

Hai could you help me found a home background art because I can’t seem to find a outside home view for this certain bedroom

here are some:

is this what you were looking for?


Yes the middle one thank you it fits perferectly! :sob: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

No problem! Glad I could help!

Do you mind if i use these also?

No, I don’t. You can use them


This thread is awesome!

Can you find me a warehouse background please?


Thank you so much!

maybe you can find something right here?

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I would’ve found you warehouse backgrounds but I see she already helped you out.
If you need anything else you can ask me.

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