Free Backgrounds/Overlays and Effects for your Editing and Story! | Share here!


Hi! Thanks for visiting this thread :heavy_heart_exclamation: and before I begin with anything else This thread is too basically share backgrounds/overlays and many more to use in our editing and story and not for requests!

Well, to keep this thread organized lests give this thread some RULES
Please follow the rules to keep this thread away from drama! like literally

  • Please dont Advertise your threads here! Some people actually advertise their threads in Background sharing threads which is definitely not allowed!

  • The reason people advertise is because some people also actually REQUEST in a SHARING THREAD this thread is meant for sharing and not meant for asking someone to do your art! If you need art gladly go to Creators Corner click Art resources then there are tons of Artists that would gladly do your work!

  • Please keep this thread clean! And to keep this thread clean is too not CAUSE DRAMA there has been many drama on the forums because of “groups” stuff and I dont want that here! As said, this thread is meant for SHARING not for causing DRAMA if you want DRAMA then take it to a pm! Roleplay sometimes there are drama in roleplays idk why!

  • Do not say to everyone Oh my gosh she/he stole my work! if you want to tell the person that again, gladly tell that person in PRIVATE you dont need to tell the whole world that she/he stole art! Because its kind of embarassing to be honest!

Did I miss any rules? I hope I didnt!

Now to the fun part! not really

What is this thread for?

  • This thread is for sharing things that might be needed for fellow authors or artists in the community! For example, backgrounds for editing/for stories!

What can we share in this thread?

  • You can share your backgrounds, overlays, effects, fonts and gladly anything related to art! obviously not art request threads also dont forget to give credit to whoever it is from! for example, @alexa_episode {Iinstagram} backgrounds You would have to give credit!

Can we share links to where we found our backgrounds? :thinking:

  • Of course you can! In that way, people can know who did the background and give credit to the rightful owners!

How do we share backgrounds?

  • You can share backgrounds by simply putting your background there, is credit necessary or anything else!
    But dont worry, I have another plan and that is through forms! *Completely optional tho
    In this way, we can have a much more organized thread in sharing anything!
    Form is down below

Form *Optional* but much more organized
Share your own made stuff!!

How can we use the thing you shared? (editing, use in stories):
How should we give credit?:
Are there any certain references or anything that you should give credit for overlays (unless its effects and fonts)?:
Paste a link or upload your background/overlay/effects/fonts/hair png/outfit png/splashes here!:

Share stuff found on other websites!

Where did you find these stuff?:
Should we give you credit for finding these?:
How can we use these (editing, for stories):
Paste a link or upload the background/overlay/effect/fonts here!

Anyways, share your backgrounds, overlays, hair pngs, outfit pngs, splashes that can be used in stories, effects, fonts, banners and anything else!

Last thing: Since others dont actually read I decided to paste everything that you can share here (private message me if I have missed anything):

  • Splashes (except for follow on instagram splashes)
  • Backgrounds
  • Overlays
  • Effects
  • Fonts
  • Hair Pngs
  • Outfit Pngs
  • Episode Mannequins (free to edit)
  • Free to use profile pictures

If I have missed anything private message me!

Share your backgrounds/overlays and anything else!


Episode Backgrounds:

  • Credit me for these at: @dea._.episode on instagram!
  • Overlays for these are from here
My Own-Made Episode Backgrounds

Edited Episode Backgrounds


Stock free backgrounds



There is already an Official background sharing thread and one for overlays.

No hate though :slight_smile:


Hey can you make Me a Jail Cell for my Story?