Free backgrounds!





oml these are g o r g e o u s, thanks so much! :heart_eyes:


Love these!


You’re amazing toasty! :heart: @CinnamonToast


Thank you so much! :heart:


omg it’s all so pretty!


Thank yo so much as well! :heart:


Would it be alright if I made an overlay for the pink bath background to make it look like the character’s actually in the tub? :revolving_hearts:


Of course, it’s fine! :heart:


I know I said I would stop updating at first, but I have some more backgrounds, so feel free to use them!
Update 13:

(Yes I cropped the hot tub myself, I know that some people have also cropped it and added backgrounds, and just to be clear, I did not steal anything from people’s drives)
I hope you enjoy! :heart:


Awesome job! :hugs:


These are amazinggg!!! :revolving_hearts:
Im sorry but may I ask what you use? these are kdnsakfdslflsdjfdsjfakfdlasjldklsajkdjklajdlkjaksjdkjaskldjlsajkldjlaskjdkl cough cough


Thank you so much! :heart:


:grin: Thank you so much as well! :heart:
I use my desktop and google slides, I use what I have, and if I can’t do it, I can’t do it.


Some more backgrounds:
I was lazy, I’m so sorry, so here is update 14:

Update 15 up soon!