Free backgrounds!



Did you get it made?


What do you use?


Who are you asking?




Well, as I said before, I use my desktop to crop, and I transfer it to google slides and arrange it, and screenshot it. That’s about it.


I just used a white background, and zoomed in on the pictures, so that you don’t see the background for too long…


oml these are honestly amazing😍 thank you!


Hotel bedroom everyone! This one was requested heavily and I’m so sorry for the delay!

I hope you all like it, and have a good day! :heart:


Also, I understand the second most popular vote was a hospital room. I did make one for someone, and I’m waiting for their reply to see if they would allow me to post i on this thread, and therefore they wouldn’t have to credit me. However, this person does not seem to be quite active so I suppose I’ll just make another hospital background or something else.
Suggestions are absolutely welcome!


Psychiatrist room!


I might do that, but I just searched it up and it looks almost like a normal sitting room. I was thinking a bit more medical? With hospital beds and such. Unless my concept of a psychiatrist room is wrong.In fact, I’ll make a poll.

  • Attempt to make a house exterior (I know)
  • A psychiatrist room ( a hospital-like sitting room)
  • A surgery room (oof)
  • An airport waiting area/restaurants and shops corner
  • Heaven (for those angel stories)
  • Other (suggest)

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The most votes wins!


Poll will close in a few hours. So far it seems like it’s airport so… hmmm… I’ll get working on it.


Can I suggest a recording studio? One with mic and the other with the volume controls? :slight_smile: You do not have to do it tho since it is only my suggestion.


I suppose I could do it sometime, but airport is the most popular so I’d do it by popular votes counting down.


Okay! Good to know :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I’m so, so sorry that I couldn’t make a airport background with shops in it.

I tried really hard but that backgrounds just takes so much time, with all the shops, and all the perspectives cannot be altered either, to make it look realistic at all, and I don’t even gave any creative ideas for this. So anyways, I hope you can all forgive me, because I really can’t make airport shops. I might be able to approach it in the future, but currently, it’s way too hard for me as it’s honestly out of my league as even as a background maker, there are some backgrounds that’s way too hard for me.
Anyways, here’s the new airport waiting area that I designed, so please enjoy!

And here’s the overlay for the back desk:

(Also, I think it came out the wrong colour and I have no idea why, but the overlay’s color should be the original color for the desk.)
Sorry for all the inconvenience caused.


Don’t apologise, it looks awesome!

I know I’ll be using it in the future :+1:t3:


Thank you so much @PerplexedJam! :kissing_heart:


I love it! :heart: You did amazing job! :smiley: