Free Book Covers

If anybody is available to do any free digital covers for me, please let me know

It’s important

Thank you so much xx

You can always enter our thread - Vanilla’s Thread :wilted_flower:
And we’d love to help :sparkles:

Thank you so much

It would be difficult though because my story is due to be shown next week.

I also wanted to publish it on amazon books afterwards


It depends if you’ll be able to do it in time, if you know what I mean

Yeah but it’s depends on the artist you choose…
I can finish it but I do realistic style only :sparkles::upside_down_face:

What does realistic mean?

I’m kind of new to this…

That you can give me an episode character or just a description of a person and I’ll turn it into a art , like a portrait… (of a real person, not episode character)

That would be amazing

Thank you so much

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Just describe what would you like in the cover and I’ll get it done :upside_down_face:


It’s a short story

These are the main characters

Andrea is 14 years old it’s all about her birthday present, the boys are 16 years old…

The title of the story is The siblings debate

It’s the first in 5 short stories before the main series

Do you want The poses the as the ones in the pictures?


These are just to show how they look

Santiago and Donatello are holding presents :gift: while Andrea is looking happy but unsure, what you’d imagine if you’re big brothers got you a gift and you didn’t know what to say because it’s crap :poop:

Ok I’ll tell you when it’s done :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much

This means a lot to me

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What background would you like? :upside_down_face:

Maybe a party/mafia type background

They’re the children of Les Serpentes leader Alejandro Fernandez and it’s about Andrea’s birthday

Ok I’ll try to find something :woman_shrugging:

Is this ok? :sweat_smile: