Free bust up art! ✨ (CLOSED 1/1)

Send me details on this thread that includes:

  • character details
  • clothes ~ custom or episode
  • background
  • colour scheme etc.
  • extras?

One request at a time and one only! I can tag you after but I don’t want this to become thread full of details sent, look if someone has already requested. Thank you! :blob_hearts:


:star:Completed requests::star:





character details:


clothes ~ custom or episode:




I hope this background is okay.

colour scheme etc: You can choose which one is better.
extras?: Nose Stud Silver.

Thank you for doing this.:cupid:

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Request accepted! :blob_hearts:
I have never tried a outfit like that but I’ll see how it goes. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you and I can change if it is difficult for you.:smile:

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If you have something else you would rather then you can but otherwise I can see how it goes. :blob_hearts:

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I already changed it. How about? It’s something difficult?:thinking:

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That’s perfect! Are you wanting a necklace and cardigan or just the top? :blob_hearts:

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If it is possible to do all three but if not just the top and necklace.:grin:

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Okay, it shouldn’t take too long. :blob_hearts:

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Request completed! :blob_hearts:

Open me


Hi lovely I have an art request they’re character overlays and I have screenshots of what I want but apparently can’t post them do you think you could do them? How can I show you them?

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Hey, you replied to the wrong person. I make the art lol :blob_hearts:
Welcome to the community!

^ just click/press the picture :blob_hearts:

I am available to do a request so ofc. :blob_hearts:

Bumpity bump! :blob_hearts:

Gosh I’m sorry! :joy::joy:

Thank you, I have tried to use the picture button but it says it can’t imbed media in a post :woman_facepalming:t3::joy:

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I have no idea then, sorry. Maybe try reloading the page or update/ make the pictures newer? Have you allowed Google access to photos? :blob_hearts:

Has someone already requested?

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Well I’m speaking to someone who is interested but they’re struggling adding photos to posts so if in 10 minutes they haven’t then you can. :blob_hearts:

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You can request now if you are still interested. :blob_hearts:

Bump! :blob_hearts: