Free character edits, art scenes and cover art!


I hate to do this, but could you email it to me? I can’t fit the watermark in without it looking wonky :frowning: My email is


Ok I’ll do it soon


Can I request something here too for my story


Yeah sure :hearts:


Can I request some thing for my Story


Yes of course you may.


I wanna request a Cover for my Story

Details :

On Top in medium font it says “When two gangs Collide” then in Lager font but not too larger it says “Fame or fortune” oh dont put in quote lol on bottom it says Somary 101

Female :
-Auborn long curly hair

Oh and Can she wear this outfit


Ok! It’ll be done soon!


A microphone in her ear?


Yes plz


Hey, can you make an art scene for my story?


When will it be done, I wanna put my first Episode out soon