Free Coding Class! (Only for this weekend)

As the opening of my paid coding classes from next week for which you can find the info below,

  • I would like to take a free class this weekend and anyone is welcomed to join.

  • I am only going to take specific topics from the ones who want to join. I will see which topics you guys want the most and will teach it for free of charge only for this weekend.

  • Classes will be taken either in google meet or zoom. I will let you know before class. I will send the link and teach it by sharing my screen. So, only those who reply in this thread will get a place to enter the class.

  • To join, you need to reply in this thread with

  1. typing “I’m interested!”
  2. your name
  3. mention the topic you would want to learn the most.
  4. If you have Instagram, drop it too. there will countdown and reminders. MIne is @sm._.writes make sure to follow!
  5. Tag people that would be interested (min 2)

Already a few have messaged me on IG, so I wanted to get students from forums as well so here it is!

There’s a separate grp for students on Instagram, I’ll make one for the forums as well if a lot of people join.


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