FREE Cover Art, Backgrounds, and Outfits!

Hey Everyone! How was your day so far?

I’m Veronique Rebel and I’m offering free cover art, backgrounds, and outfits to people who need it!
I would really appreciate if you could give me credit! (Optional)
Also follow me on Instagram: @epycharacterawards! (Let Me Know If You Ever Heard Of Them!)

I will attach a link with previous designs I have made.


(I suggest you copy-paste this and fill it out)

(For cover art, for the detailed description, include what pose, characters outfits, anything you want added on the cover art)

Story Name:
Author Name:
Story Name:
Description of Story:
Detailed Description of what you want on your cover: (Including character’s and their details):
Classic/INK/Limelight: (Let Me Know What Style It Is)
Theme: (ex: bad boy/gang, romance/love triangle, etc.)
Small or Large Cover? Or both?:


What type of background you would like:
What you want included:
Anything else I should know?:


Age of your Character:
Characters Personality:
Fashionable/Fancy/Girly/Athletic/Nerdy/Schoolgirl/Celebrity/Bad Boy/Artist: (choose a category the outfit you want fall under):
What type of outfit would you like and for what reason: (ex: fancy dress with accessories because the character is going on the red carpet)


Hi! Do you have some examples? :blush:

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@VeroniqueRebel examples please.

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could i see some examples? x


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Just posted!

Just posted

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Posted them!:)))

bump to the top!

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They are so beautiful <3 Hoping I can get some later

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Can i request a bg?

Of course! Just fill out the Background Request Template above!

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What type of background would you like: a shower, kitchen, and bedroom.
What you want included: nothing i can think of
Anything else I should know?: nope :heart:
I hope that’s not too much :sweat_smile:

Would you like them to be 3 separate backgrounds? Also what do you want the bedroom theme to be, is it for a boy/girl? Is it a flower themed bedroom or minecraft themed? (<just examples) and for the kitchen what style would you like?

Yes, I’d like them separate, bedroom theme: I’d like something like peachy colours (it’s for a female teen) an the kitchen style can honestly be anything fr tysm is that all you needed?:heart:

Hi, I need a cover with two people on it? Should I still fill out the template

Hello, I’m in need of a background pls if it’s no bother. I want a realistic balcony and I want a seating area in the balcony for at least 2-3 people. I also want the couches and the balcony look not too expensive. Like apartment style balconies. Also, I want it to look like it’s night time. Pls if you could do that, I’d really appreciate it :revolving_hearts: Thank you!

Name: Kayla
Story name: Nothing new
Author name: Kayla.writes
Story name; Nothing new
Description: When Nothing is new to Adelina she hopes for a certain change in her life til she comes across a certain someone who would ruin her more.
Cover details: I want both my characters Adelina and Mateo on both small and large cover please. for the small cover I would want Adelina and Mateo on a rooftop while doing a peace sign! ah for the large cover well I would want Adelina sitting down with her knees towards her chest while looking sad? gloomy and for the background a tree and a balcony whatever you blessed the cover art with lol!
Adelina details:
Body color: Caramel
Hair: Charcoal/ beach wave hair
eyebrows: defined natural (black)
eyes: upturned feline/ purple
Face shape: Oval
lips: full round
Mateo details:
Body color: honey
eyebrows: thin arch (black)
hair: short cropped hair (black)
eyes: gentle almond (white)
face: Diamond
Nose: Button
Lips: uneven
The story is ink!
Theme: Trauma, love, mental health, etc.
Adelina is 17 years old while Mateo is 18.
Adelina is independent, a bit of a downer can be emotionally cold towards others.
Mateo: cold but a huge softie lol, loves music, closeminded.
I have a picture for Mateo of what he can wear and for Adelina it can be a romper or something you can decide I don’t mind lol but something girly but tomboy-ish if that makes sense.
I need like a room filled with chairs around basically like how a rehab has it!

For Mateo can you put him as a outfit…
Black- white crewneck sweater
basic sneakers (black)
ripped punk pants