Free Cover Art/ Character Edits (INK) (Updated pictures)

Hi everyone! If you are in need of cover art, I got you covered. I know I’m not the best but this is something I enjoy doing. Before requesting, please keep in mind that making cover art with character edits takes about 2-6 hours to make, and depending on how many I need to make, I might not get to yours right away.

For a small and/or large cover please fill this out:

  1. Title of Story
  2. Author name (only if you want the author’s name on it)
    3.Description of story
  3. Number of characters wanted on cover
  4. List of the character(s) details (example: skin tone, eye color, etc.) Don’t forget gender and clothing!!
  5. Name of pose(s) each character will be doing
  6. Describe what you want the cover to look like (example: in a dark forest with the title in a blue cursive font).
  7. Instagram Account
  8. OPTIONAL: If you would like me to customize a clothing item please tell me which one and what you would like it to look like.

Here are some examples of my work:


(Please specify if you would like the characters edited or not. I will put your edited characters on your cover, but if you would like only the character on a regular background, as shown below, please let me know.)


Just a quick question, is it just cover art or will you do a character edit on it’s own?

Hi, I really like your character edits and would greatly appreciate it if you’d consider my request! I will repeat again, I would like a character edit and not a cover art. If you could do the character edit and place it
one a plain gray background, that would be great. Thank you!

Title: Gang Affiliated (Title not included in character edit)
Description: Teenage girl Jupiter is suddenly forced into the gang life, followed by drama, trauma, and sexy gang leaders.
Number of characters wanted on edit: One
List of the character(s) details (example: skin tone, eye color, etc.):

Hair: Beach Waves (Black) Could you perhaps edit this hair to have more volume and to be longer?
Face: Soft Heart
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Brown)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Classic (Blush) This is her original mouth color, but can it be changed to a reddish maroon color to match the color of her clothing?
Body: Ink Female (Light)
Outfit: Could you please do the custom outfit as listed below? If not, I would like Lace Bustier Top, White Corset-Tied Skirt, Small Fishnets, and Black Holiday Sequin Heels (Heels not shown in image)

Name of pose(s) each character will be doing: flirt_wink_forward
Describe what you want the edit to look like: I would like a character edit, please. I really liked your character edits examples and would love something like that. The background can be a plain, light gray background.
Instagram Account: anniek.episode
OPTIONAL: If you would like me to customize a clothing item please tell me which one and what you would like it to look like: I really like the outfit you did with the maroon bralette and black skirt. Could you do something very similar with a maroon colored halter top bralette (or the same one as pictured in the example if preferred) and a black circle skirt? Also, fishnets as used in the game, called Small Fishnets. Thank you!

H&V: Relief
Author: Coco Mango
Desc: Your father was a hero, but you are a troublemaker. Can the memory of your father bring back the good, or can a gang bring out the bad?
Number of characters: 3

First Character: (main character)
Hair- Straight platinum blond
Face- Soft heart
Eyebrows- Defined natural
Eyes- Upturned feline (taupe)
Nose- Soft natural
Mouth- Classic (terracotta)
Body- Ink female(tan)

Clothes: moon necklace, white nautical shorts, navy sport chick sneakers, blue halter basic

Second character:
Hair- Rebel half shaved (black)
Face- Soft heart
Eyebrows- Medium soft arch
Eyes- Upturned bold (brown)
Nose- Aquiline
Mouth- Full round (taupe)
Body- Ink female (Mocha)

Clothes: Black biker jacket, black zipper heels, black leather leggings, black cupcake gal tank

Third character:
Hair- Short cropped hair (Black)
Face- Chiseled square
Eyebrows- Thin arch
Eyes- Classic round (Green)
Nose- button
Mouth- Small round (terracotta)
Body- Male (Honey)

Cool leather jacket, beige Indian tank, construction worker boots, ripped punk pants

Can you do the second and third character pointing guns at each other, and the first character doing the disappointed animation?
The placement is whatever you think looks good, I am not very picky.

Instagram Account: @episode.cocomango

Thank you very much!

Oh shoot and can it be a cover? Thanks. <3

Yes of course.

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Would you like only a character edit?

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How would you like it to be?

Oh don’t worry, I meant to delete that, thank you though :slight_smile:

Yes please. It would be more like a splash that says Thanks for reading at the end.

Would you do this if I give you the details?

yes of course!

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I am waiting patiently for this to open.

Here’s your character edit.

I hope you like it :sweat_smile:


WOW! Thank you so much you are so talented! :slight_smile:

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here you go :slight_smile:

yes I can do men!

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you can send me the details now. but keep in mind that I still have others I need to get to first so please be patient

HI i’m Writing a new story named November and i would like if you could make me a cover