Free Cover Art & Edits Wanted

Myself and a fellow episode writer are co-writing a LGBTQ+ story for pride month.
We would love to have cover art created for this story by another episode creater rather then ourselves.
We obviously want to release as soon as possible, however we understand art takes time. So if you would like to participate can you just state how long it is likely to take you.

We will choose the one we like most, which will become our cover and will be displayed in every episode with credit given. Any other art provided will be shown in atleast one epsiode with credit given and on both of our instagrams feed with credit.

The story.
The title: Poly Love
Genre: Romance
Background info: The story is based on a girl named Mabel who has been with her partner Carly for almost 5 years, since day dot Carly has always thought Mabel was a lesbian, and has stated on various occasions to Mabel that if she hadn’t been anything other then a lesbian she wouldn’t have dated her. Mabel had always stated that she was a lesbian until she meets Matt, when upon getting asked if shes single she states she’s in a relationship with a female however its a poly relationship.

Reference Photos:



It’s entirely up to you whether you would like them clothed or not, so here are the sort of thing we picture them wearing clothed and not.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I could do your cover

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Please, we’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Alright then. Is it ok if u have it either today, tomorrow or the next day of Tomorrow?

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Ofcourse, take as long as you need :slight_smile:

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