Free Cover Art Now (FAST)


My name is Lily and I recently discovered how to create Episode cover art and i’d love to help some of you!

If you would like to see some of my recent work then please private message me :slight_smile:

To request for cover art please fill out the form below:

Author (optional):

Please bare in mind that the cover art can take time, it varies from ten-fifteen minutes to 1-2 hours.
I do have a life on the outside, but I am trying y hardest to complete your work.

Ok, so if you don’t like the cover art I make, tell me. don’t just say its great and not use it - that’s just plain rude. if you don’t like it, tell me and i’ll improve it for you. ALSO, if you do use my cover art (which hopefully you will) I would like full credit in your story :slight_smile:

ALSO, tell me when your story is out so I can read it!!

Lotsa love - Lily

You should join my group

Hello how are you can you help me out with a cover
can I maybe get your Instagram? so I can send you the details if you are willing to make one for me

Hello, I’m good, thank you. I would love to help you with your cover.
Sadly, I do not have Instagram :frowning: However, could you possibly send me the information privately on here? This would be much easier and more efficient! :slight_smile:

how do I send it privately here ? help a girl out :grin:

If you click my name, it should come up with the icon “Message” :slight_smile:

alright thanks :blush:

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Have you messaged me? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am now but I am trying to fine a picture of the characters

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Oops, sorry for being impatient :smile:

No don’t be sorry I just have so much pictures on my phone

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Can I see examples?

Yes, i’ll pm you now :slight_smile:

Can i see some exemples?

Can you please help me out with a cover?